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2/06/2017 5:32 pm  #1

Not an ex

Hi everyone,

I've been reading a lot about how to manifest an ex, but what if it's someone you don't know well yet, but want to know more? The short version of my situation is I had a great time chatting with a guy for a couple weeks before we went on a date. The date went great and he said he wanted to do it again. It turned into the classic- didn't hear from him until I sent him a text and when I said I would like to see him again he said he "would like that" and that hopefully he would get out of work early one day because he was currently doing 6 day/week, 12-18 hr/day shifts in the ICU (he's in med. school). I'm a teacher, so I understand a demanding schedule (I bring work home with me most nights). I've been focusing a lot on gratitude, feeling good, and acting as if and have been feeling wonderful as a result. The only thing that's left is to manifest our next meeting (and more). I visualize it every day and carry those feelings with me. I'm assuming I have some doubts, though I think I'm staying positive for the most part. I would think my main LOA block is letting go of the you agree? Any advice for me beyond that? It's been a month since our last conversation.


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