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1/30/2017 9:35 pm  #1

PW and sharing visualizations with POI?

I am sick so my PW may have been fever induced early this morning. While I didn't have a lot of energy, I had a really calm energy. I listened to the music Ace posted and that is my jam! I really get into it. I woke my guy up, called him to me and he instantly knew that I wasn't feeling well. I used a combination of him talking to me and me telling him what to say. We always have a conversation while he just holds me.Β  I love these conversations. They feel very real and less forced.Β  I enjoy the time I spend with him and the emotions and vulnerability we share. At one point, I told him that I had to go soon and he just held me tighter and said he didn't want me to. He asked if I would be back and sounded so sad about it. I basically told him that he knows how to make that happen and he doesn't need to worry that I won't be receptive to him reaching out. This was in no way an ultimatum, just me knowing what my guy struggles with. I told him that I believed in us and he said that he did too. I told him that I was sure of it and wanted to show him why. Somehow this ended up with me sharing my wedding visualization from one of the challenge exercises with him. It was the oddest sensation, I could feel him holding me while I shared that with him and could feel his emotions as he saw it. I normally say that I will see him soon before I leave. For some reason, I didn't this time, I just used the cut the cord technique where you take back your power and left him there. I could still feel the emotions coming from him and heard him saying I love you, don't go. After I cut the cord, I visualized him calling me and his internal struggle that he has but then me seeing the call come up on my phone. When I came out of my visualization, I swear I saw and felt his left hand with a wedding ring, holding my hand on top of my pregnant belly. Now, I am not pregnant, so this was a shock. I am not sure if this was part of my fever induced dream or what not but it felt incredible.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?

I have been in a state of what I feel is detachment the past few days and my ability to visualize has become more laser focused. I have a basic script I use but like I said above, I feel most connected during our "conversations". I am just going by what feels right during the moment. I have been feeling so calm and at peace the past few days. Just really light but empty, in a good way. I had been seeing signs pretty frequently for about a week and a half or so until about mid last week, when they just stopped, which I attribute to my constant obsessing and low point I'd hit. I'd even desperately asked God for signs and at one point, I even asked for contact from him. I didn't get it and I had a true, Okay God, You're right, I believe so I don't need signs. After that, the sense of peace and calm came over me. Because I was home and had such a wonderful experience earlier even though some was dream induced, I decided to do Lanie's Powerful Me MP3 and then her guided PW MP3 before my nap in case I wasn't up to it before bed tonight.Β  When I woke up from my nap a few hours later, I got two signs. Before I used to get excited. This time, they just added to my sense of calm. I re-read Veronica's Distinct Desire and I know that he will contact me when the time is right. For now, I am just enjoying this time.

Also, I don't know if anyone has checked out Lanie's guided meditations but I have done a few other than PW, Cutting the Cord and BWD and much prefer them. I tend to talk over her voice in those because it seems like so much of the time is spent getting you to relax. I needed the help at first but I'm able to do it on my own now. However, I really like her Powerful You, Increase Stamina and Health and Body Enlightenment MP3's, they get right to the meat of the message. I have a few more that I haven't tried yet but these are awesome so far.Β 


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