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1/25/2017 1:03 am  #1


Hello. I'm new here!

I wanted to tell you my story.
So back in summer 2014 I was dating my ex and it was good as he was my first bf ever and we wasn't really ready for a relationship so we decided to break up due to finance issues and such.

Then we began contacting each other around his birthday the beginning of last year (before I was iniating contact) but he ignored me but then he calls me on his bday. However we decided it was best to stay friends but in the end it didnt work as our relationship was going too fast and we still wasnt ready. Then he thought it was best to let me go but I didnt want...I realized that the reason for it was due to my fear of losing him & he was sad. It was hard though but it was for the best.

Point is I need help. I don't know what to do?
I did attract him back the first time but without using LOA but instead used the regular breakup healing methods. He even thanked me for everything something I didn't expect and he hasn't been dating or anything. But this time I feel he moved on or something...

This time I feel like iniating contact again but I'm scared to do so. What if he leaves again?
I'm starting to apply veronica's techniques but how can I assure he is gonna stay this time? I dont care if we don't end up together but dont wanna lose him forever and I feel he lost my contact? So what should I do this time? Please help!

BTW Thank you veronica for your techniques and otherS for helping me!


1/25/2017 9:08 am  #2

Re: Newbie

I view the techniques as being tools to change you to the person you need to be in order to attract your desires.Β  If you attract them back,Β  that means you were doing something right.Β  The goal would be to maintain the person you've became.Β  You should address what you're so scared of, figure out why you think he'd leave

The Universe is your playground.

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