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1/01/2017 1:45 pm  #1

My first script in here

So this is actually my first thread in here.
I stubled across one of Veronicas videos by fortunate "accident" a couple of days ago. And since then I've been reading all these things about LOA. I even bought all four of her ebooks.
One of her videos was about healing a relationship, where she talks about scripting. And when I listened to it while I was out walking, tears began to run down me cheeks.
And I knew that I had to give this scripting a shot.
I lost my ex 3 months ago. She suffers from bpd and is not like every other girl. But I really want her back. I am SURE she's my true soulmate.
I've been purchasing all these get your ex back programs, but none of them have ever given me the kind of belief in things like LOA have. So I feel that this is my last chance of getting the love of my life back. And I do believe fully that this is the right path to choose.

I've written my script as a jounal, like it's something that has already happen.

Wednesday 25'th, january 2017
Today was a good day.
When i woke up this morning at aroumd 7:30, I saw that there was an envelope in the top of my phone.
I checked it out, but there was no contact name. Only a phone number.
When I opened it, it said.

"Hi L,
I'm so sorry for ignoring you like this. I've just missed you so much, and it was so hard for me to leave and lose you.
I really want us to to be able to talk again.

I was shaking when I read it. My heart was beating like crazy, and it was hard for me to understand that  I actually heard from her. I had dramed about this for months.
I texted her back

"Hi J,
So good to hear from you.
I've been thinking about you too, and I really would like for us to begin to talk again.

I didn't hear from her the rest of the day. Not until she wrote late tonight, and asked if I have had a good day? Hers had been really tough.
I answered that mine had been great. And asked how her daughter was doing.
She said she was doing fine, but she missed seeing me playing with her.
So I told her, that then she just had to invite me home.
She answered with a smiley.
I wrote that I was on my way to bed, and that I hoped she would sleep well and have lovely dreams. And that it was really sweet to write with her again.
She answered that she really liked it too. And that she hoped I would sleep tight. And that we would write again tomorrow.
I am just so happy that I have reastablished contact with her again.


1/05/2017 7:29 pm  #2

Re: My first script in here

J is coming back really soon! I'm so excited for you <3


1/06/2017 11:00 am  #3

Re: My first script in here

Thx. I know she is.
I love my girl endlessly.
But sometimes I think, how do I know that I'm truly happy, and not just trying to convince my self?
How do I know when I have truly let go?
Sometimes the logic in me, tries to tell me that this will not work. But I try not to listen.
But when the logic in me tries to tell me that, does that mean I'm not truly ready to let the universe help me getting my girl back?

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