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12/06/2016 4:09 am  #1

How to make it happen?

Has anyone manifested a house, an apartment without having any money to begin with? I would like my own apartment but it seems impossible. I have been wishing this for over a year now..


12/06/2016 4:33 am  #2

Re: How to make it happen?

I haven't personally done that I'm saving for a deposit to get my first place. But Abraham once said you can manifest a castle as easy as manifesting a button, I've read and watched a lot about loa and I'm always still learning , I think the problem is the things we want the most always have the most resistance with them because we want them so much , loa teachers say to start small and that used to frustrate me because I only wanted what I wanted the most but when you try the small things which you don't care about and actually do start to manifest you start to believe more and more that it's possible to the point where you can believe you can get that apartment .


1/01/2017 1:31 am  #3

Re: How to make it happen?

The process is not important. Focus on the end result always. Once you worry about the process of getting there, you are operating from a place of resistance. There should be no doubt as to your ability to create.Β 


4/13/2017 4:59 pm  #4

Re: How to make it happen?

Personally for me, I will write my desire down and then let it go. Usually I'll watch a funny video after and then completely forget about it, and then the next day or same night it will occur. Abraham states and says in a lot if her videos that "don't you find the things you want lightly come easily" which is true. If you aren't thinking of it, Abraham says that whatever belief you have upon the subject will dissipate and your desire will become larger because you're not thinking of it and therefore aren't adding any resistances to it!! Your only job is to feel good. You'll find everything will flow into your life when you stop thinking so much on your manifestations and focusing upon your mood instead. The universe knows what you want, wants it for you just as much as you want it!! You've just got to allow. So feel good. The reason we want anything in life is due to the belief that we would be happier with it, right? So why not just be happier now! You get what you give. Happy manifesting!! You've got this!!


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