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12/09/2016 7:53 pm  #1

Neville Goodard and Rita Faith

"One of the major reasons people fail to manifest their desires is in the use of too much effort and trying to force things into being.  Manifesting requires no effort, if you are trying too hard to force or control things in the outer world that you think will help bring your manifestation into being and then looking for signs that it is working, then you will most likely end up manifesting the opposite of what you want.

Manifesting is like surrender, the only thing you have to do is the inner work, if you do your inner work, use your feelings, inner talking and imagination, the universe will take care of the outer world. Your outer world will reflect your inner change.  That is how the universe works.  If you are required to do anything you will be moved to do it, that movement will come from the inner you, it will come natural, it will be effortless, it will not feel like you are trying or forcing."

"Neville Goddard Master Your Inner Game To Achieve Your Every Desire. Book 1 Inner Talking" Neville Goodard and Rita Faith.  Loc. 373


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