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11/30/2016 1:39 am  #1

When love hurts.....

I've discovered along my path that love can appear to be utterly difficult.. painful even. While this is just something that we choose to believe, in the moment you are choosing it you very much FEEL that pain. It feels completely real. We have grown as a society to attach SO many negative connotations to love.. Like unrequited love. Impossible love. Love gone wrong. Love is pain. Love is the greatest tragedy of all time. Lol. We do that to ourselves unknowingly, and then we create situations in our life that reflect exactly those notions. Love goes wrong, it feels painful, and the world makes us feel miserable. You can see clearly that the feeling we invoke when we think of "love" is often actually fear.

With that in mind, let's look at LOA and love. Most of you are here attempting to attract love to you. But when you think love, you probably feel a punch in the stomach. You probably feel that yearning heaviness in your chest, because you have learnt to associate love with despair. I'm going to share with you something that helped me tremendously in overriding those feelings of "pain", and it worked again and again until now I simply feel love. I no longer feel love as something unattainable, unsustainable, or out of my reach. Once you understand the weight you have unconsciously placed on the meaning of "love", you'll be able to unravel that mess and clear your path for some new possibilities to open up for you.

If I were to ask you "do you love him?" You will likely respond with "omg, YES, I love him BUT HE...... blah blah blah...." You attach a bunch of extra crap that weighs your love down, and pretty much cancels it out. See what I mean? "I adore her, but I WISH........" Off you go again, with a completely conditional argument that debunks your "love" entirely!

There's a way around this though, and it's about honing in on gratitude instead. Take love out of the equation, because love to most of us equals messy. Instead go for this question... "What do I truly, absolutely appreciate about them?"
Did you feel that? Can you feel the calm around that question? You don't feel like jumping in and yelling BUT! You can actually breathe and sit there and genuinely think.. "Well, I truly appreciate his......" Or "actually, I'm grateful for her......."  There's no space there to try and plonk your BUT, is there? It's just pure appreciation. And from appreciation, you open up to a whole WORLD of new possibilities. Instead of focussing on loving them IF ONLY THEY WOULD CHANGE, you are simply sending out into the universe that you're utterly grateful for a particular aspect of them. See how clean and pure and lovely that is? That tiny shift in perspective is absolutely enough to create magic. It's the reason why gratitude is high on the list of things we should all practice.

Next time you are desperately trying to "send someone love" but are instead working yourself up into a frenzy, reach for appreciation instead. You'll immediately feel the shift in energy. You can't contradict appreciation. πŸ’žπŸ¦„

If you imagine it in your mind..
Believe it in your heart..
Feel it in your soul..
You will hold it in your hand πŸ’žΒ 

11/30/2016 2:26 am  #2

Re: When love hurts.....

Great post always...πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


11/30/2016 4:57 am  #3

Re: When love hurts.....

Thank you I really needed to hear this xxx


11/30/2016 5:53 am  #4

Re: When love hurts.....

I thank the universe for everything.

11/30/2016 7:34 am  #5

Re: When love hurts.....

Bravo! After  reading  this  post I  truely value  the  forum. I am really  grateful that  you  decomplosed something so important  and identified  it's  potential  dangerous influence  on  our  thoughts. Thank you!


11/30/2016 11:56 am  #6

Re: When love hurts.....

I would add....Don't forget to appreciate yourself too.


12/02/2016 6:03 pm  #7

Re: When love hurts.....

BrilliantΒ Β  I absolutelyΒ this postΒ  !!!!


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