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11/24/2016 11:03 am  #1

When the wheels come down.

Yea it's the title to a Foo Fighters song

I decided not that I'm in an awesome place I'd chronicle my journey. I'm only going to brush on the breakup. Well when it happened I wanted it to be over. In the literal sense. I was really ready I didn't care anymore. The only thing that kept me from it was one of my best friends commited suicide earlier this year and it tore everyone up inside. His inner pain may have been put to rest but it only transferred to everyone that loved him and there were a lot of people that did. Anyway I didn't do it. I then thought well I'll just become an alcoholic **** it. Now I'm sober for a whole month I almost never thought I would be able to.

Something inside me wanted otherwise. Something inside me didn't want to give up on this wonderful woman that I love so much. I had tried the law of attraction before on a different ex, but I gave up after a couple weeks. Knowing what I know now I realized I wasn't doing it right. I was always coming from a place of need towards that ex and then I found someone different and gave up on the desire.

This time it's different. After all my relationships I know what it means to love someone versus love the idea. I truly love this person I'm attracting. I've finally got to the point where I want her. I don't need her. I'm having the time of my life being single and having fun. I'm not dating as I kinda feel wrong about doing it. Almost like cheating lol. I'm able to keep my vibration on high throughout the day whereas just a week ago it was constantly up and down. I started working out and I love what I see whenever I pass my reflection. But loving myself brings me warm feelings inside. I finally have myself back.

Now I'm finally in the place I need to be. I'm going full steam ahead. I have all the tools I need. Last night I was working with her. I feel no tension when I see her anymore. My mind and body are just so relaxed and moving with the flow. She's still not talking to me. I didn't let that bother me. I just kept saying what's out there is just a reflection of past thoughts. I had a blast with everyone I was working with everyone was smiling and in a good mood. I was making everyone laugh. Except for her. I made eye contact a couple times and I could see the longing in her face. I started sending loving energy to her and telling her I forgive her in my head. I visualized the reconciling.

Now I just have to let the universe do it's business. I don't worry self with the how's, the why, or when. I'm just doing me.

In lak ech. Ancient Mayan for "you are my other me"

11/24/2016 11:16 am  #2

Re: When the wheels come down.

I really enjoyed reading this. Good for you


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