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11/03/2016 6:14 pm  #1

He came to my workplace today!

It's crazy. After so long he actually appeared in front of me at my workplace after months of no contact!
He had spent an hour and a half travelling after work from his workplace just to come and surprise me.Β 
I was so flustered and felt a surge of joy! He waited for me to finish work. I got changed and did my hair the best I could. We sat down for dinner in a quiet restaurant. He kept complimenting me-saying how different and pretty I look. He took my hand and caressed my face while we were waiting for our food. He looked me in the eyes lovingly and said ''I missed you so much. I missed this so much. I was stupid to have made you feel so down. I was so selfish when you always put me first and I took it for granted. I know I'm late but please can we start again? I love you. I finally realized this. I said before I could live without you but I take it all back now. I promise I'll take better care of you this time round. Please take me back.'' I was in so much shock and so much joy that my eyes started to water. At that moment I knew my man had finally come back to me. I want to thank the Universe for finally making my love realize we were always meant to be together, we just needed a better and more healthy timing to restart. Thank you Universe. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!Β 

I thank the universe for everything.

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