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11/02/2016 4:22 am  #1

This is how it actually happened, this story is so much better. ;)

It's a beautiful sunny morning, the suns rays awake me gently. I awake feeling calm and at peace with everything around me. I lie in the bed and look over at the Johnny Cash poster on my wall. I always think how grateful I am for my ability to hear and appreciate the music of my favourite artist!Β 
The silence in the room is suddenly broken by the loud noise of my alarm on my phone. I reach under my pillow and look at my phone screen. There's his name where it always is, on my screen! I turn the alarm off and go to my messages to read what he gas said to me "Good morning, gorgeous. How's my girl today? I'm sorry for what happened" I love you and I hope you have a great day. xx", I smile upon reading this and start typing "Good morning! I'm doing great and I hope you are the same! I love you and I'm sorry too, let's not dwell on it though. I can't wait to see you xx" and I hit send. I lock my phone and place it on the pillow next to me. I feel at ease knowing he's always mine and nothing can break us! Today is a wonderful day and full of amazing opportunities, I'm going to seize the day!Β 

It Is Not What Happens To You, It Is How You Respond To It.Β 

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