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10/31/2016 10:37 am  #1

The boy with the magic eyes

I got a text out of the blue from H yesterday, the first time he has messaged me in about 6 months! He just texted me asking if he could call me and I replied back that he could, in an hour as I was about to head home. My heart was beating really fast and I was really nervous and so excited to hear from him! Millions of thought raced through my mind for that hour and I answered the phone trying to sound as strong and confident as possible haha. H esounded really nervous on the phone and his voice was kind of shaky, he started to cry and said that he's been finding it really hard as he hasn't been able to stop thinking about me, he said he felt so sorry for everything that went down between us and he misses us being together so so much. He said he still cares for me so much and every day has been wondering how I am. He said he didn;t know yet what will happen but he feels like he needs to just see me and speak to me in person and hold me, and he hopes we could think about getting back together if it feels right for us both. We arranged to go to our favourite Chinese place on Friday night, I'm sooo excited and kind of in shock, though I always felt that he would be back in my life as he's my dream boy and I'm his dream girl.


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Re: The boy with the magic eyes

wow!!! congratulations!!!!Β 


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Re: The boy with the magic eyes

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