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10/18/2016 5:19 am  #1

Sunshine, happiness, love and a big HELLO !

hello everybody !Β 

i'm sunflower, a newbie to this forum but not to LOA related things Β I'm really into this stuff, the reason I decided to register here is because I would like to attract someone special into my life and need as much inspiration as possible to get things going on ;) So I'm really looking forward to read your posts about your journeys and get inspired by it.Β 

lots of love,Β 


10/18/2016 5:38 am  #2

Re: Sunshine, happiness, love and a big HELLO !

Welcome to the forum.

"Self-abandonment. That is the secret. We have to abandon ourselves to the state, in our love for the state, and in so doing live the life of the state and no more our present state. And to make the state alive, one must become it."

Neville Goddard ~ The Law and the Promise

10/18/2016 5:41 am  #3

Re: Sunshine, happiness, love and a big HELLO !

WelcomeπŸ˜† you will love it here! These people are amazing. They are truly inspirational!!πŸ˜„

"You can be, do, and have whatever you want. You are the creator of your reality."

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