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10/14/2016 4:14 pm  #1

Hello everyone :)

Greetings from Paris!

Thank you for this wonderful forum <3

I came here to get my positive vibes!!



10/14/2016 6:26 pm  #2

Re: Hello everyone :)

Welcome to the forum from Germany and not so far away from the French border.

"Self-abandonment. That is the secret. We have to abandon ourselves to the state, in our love for the state, and in so doing live the life of the state and no more our present state. And to make the state alive, one must become it."

Neville Goddard ~ The Law and the Promise

10/14/2016 7:17 pm  #3

Re: Hello everyone :)

Hallo and bonjour ! Β 

Welcome from a french Canadian who studied german for 6 years haha Β 


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