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10/09/2016 2:38 pm  #1

Pruning Shears of Revision?

I found this article really interesting.

When I was very, very young, I fancied myself in love with a celebrity.  He was a member of a rather famous British band - I wasn't even that keen on the band or their music - they were OK but I wasn't a fan - it was him. I fancied the absolute pants off him and was obsessed with having a relationship with him.  I found a way to meet him after a concert - we went to a club and back to his hotel and he invited me to his hotel room. He tried to get me to sleep with him.  I was 15 at the time but I never told him my age. I didn't want that - I wanted to talk, be his girlfriend, kiss him (oh so naive!) and start a relationship.  I was unable to articulate this to him.  I spent years beating myself up for not being good enough for him and simultaneously losing all respect for him and became very, very confused. I spent months sobbing because I had "lost" him.  I found a recent clip of him on YouTube and it brought all the thoughts back. Then I spotted this article. 

I've been visualising an alternative scenario where he invites me to his room as he actually did, but after trying it on I did tell him what I really wanted, and he realised what he was doing was wrong. We did talk, the encounter was positive, and we parted as friends, but with no further contact.  I then went on with my life in a more positive way than I actually did at 15. 

I'd be interested what anyone else thinks of this article.  Isn't it rather like Neville/Pruning Shears of Revision?

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