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10/09/2016 2:01 pm  #1

Small Manifestations

The other day I was driving and thinking about a book that I was reading, deliberate receiving by melody fletcher, and thinking about how what I wanted was to be appreciated, understood, and loved unconditionally in a relationship, and that maybe that didn't need to be with my ex, but that was the type of the relationship I wanted.

I looked up and saw my ex's van driving right in front of me. I sped up to make sure it was him, I got right next to him and saw him, I missed my exit and saw that he missed his, and then I took a different exit to be back home, I wasn't sure if that was a synchronicity, but I had been asking for a sign for whether or not I should let go of him or not, a clear neon sign.Β 

I had to turn around to drive towards my house and figured he was going somewhere else so drove down the road that passes his neighborhood on the way to mine, really thinking he was going somewhere else. I looked up and his van was right in front of mine again, I guess he took the wrong exit and had to turn around as well? I couldn't believe that I saw him twice within a 10 minute period on the road? I definitely feel like it was a synchronicity and that I'm drawing him closer to me.Β 

I am continuing to really try and LET GO and not think of him as the person I want, but the FEELINGS I want in a relationship: love, passion, complete understanding and appreciation, complete devotion, feeling desirable. I realize that some of my fears and doubt are around this idea that he no longer DESIRES me. It's not about him. I need to feel desired! So today I am looking for synchronicities that echo that I am desirable, that people want to spend time with me, that I am fun and good to be around.

You do not know what is going to happen, but whatever it's going to be is going to be amazing! Trust that the universe is always looking out for you, sometimes it doesn't happen INSTANTLY but time is an illusion and days turn into months like nothing.

Trust the universe and yourself. You will get what you want and in the meantime enjoy the journey.Β 


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