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9/26/2016 7:35 am  #1

Manifesting a job.

In the past, I have had several jobs which I'm very grateful for but none of them have been my ultimate dream job. I've worked in a supermarket. When I was a child, for my birthday, I was bought a little toy conveyor belt with some toy food and drinks that you could by in a supermarket. It was just a toy but I could spend hours on it, I had loads of fun playing with it and I said one day I want to work in a supermarket not realising back then how stressful working in a supermarket is. Anyway when I was 17 I got a a supermarket. I didn't think for one moment that I'd manifested this job from when I was a child playing with the toy conveyor belt but now I know more about the Law Of Attraction I realise that I did totally manifest it Now the job was boring and I didn't like it but I was earning money so I thought well that's the only reason why I've got the job and I did meet loads of nice people but one day id had enough and I started looking for new work. Eventually I got a new job in 2 pubs, I was actually working 2 jobs at this point. I enjoyed it to start off with, met loads of really nice people but the job became so boring and I started wishing I didn't have to work there anymore and 3 months later, the pub closed down. I got my wish. However I spent a year after that looking for new work. I applied like crazy. Anywhere and everywhere. I was feeling bored but I knew that a job will come in the future, I was hopeful and eventually, a job did come up I started working in a kitchen. Going back to my childhood, I learnt how to cook from a very early age because I enjoy it. Everyone tells me I'm a good cook and I should get a job working as a chef. I'm not as good as Gordon Ramsey or Nigella Lawson but I can cook and my job has taught me more about cooking and I really enjoy it I've only just recently realised that somehow I manifested working in a kitchen, even though I was only a child when I started learning, I still manifested it. It's quite scary haha I hope this interests people I thought I'd share my story and if you have any job manifestation stories, feel free to share them

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4/06/2019 10:14 pm  #2

Re: Manifesting a job.

I am a l1 paraplegia complete looking for a job in either journalism or public relations. Should you mention the disability in a cover letter or resume?


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