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9/22/2016 11:22 pm  #1

He's back for good!

September 23, 2016

He's back!! I am so happy and excited. Tonight I was out hanging out with my friends and I looked down at my phone and I saw his phone number on my screen!! I was shocked, I haventย seen his number on my screen in 6 months. I was really nervous to open it but ย I did and he said everything I ever wanted him to say and more. He told me that he never stopped thinking about me and that he wants to make things up to me and treat me right this time, and that he will do anything it takes. He said he wants to see me asap since it's been so long, he asked me to hang out tomorrow night already, but I dontย know If I will because I want to play hard to get haha. I'm so happy it feels so good to have him back I love him so much and he clearly loves me so much, I'm so happy this day has come...I had a feeling he would contact me tonight


9/23/2016 4:44 am  #2

Re: He's back for good!

โ€‹Congratulations Don't play hard to get, take this opportunity and get back with him You've got him back in your life, be happy and grateful and enjoy your time together I'm happy to read this

We recieve exactly what we expect to recieve. - John Holland.ย ย 

9/23/2016 12:13 pm  #3

Re: He's back for good!

Weeeeee! Don't play hard to get, I know the need to do that, but ya can be a bit mysterious, alluring and provocative. Don't exagerate this! I am so happy you succesedded!


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