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9/10/2016 12:30 pm  #1

Did he RS back on me?

I'm using RS quite a while on my guy now but yesterday I suddenly had a pretty sexual dream about him. It was pretty weird because he only touched me like I would only touch him when I'm using it. Could it be that he noticed it and does the same with me now?


9/10/2016 2:34 pm  #2

Re: Did he RS back on me?

RS has an influence on the other person, you are basically making him dream about you, so there is a possibility that he is unconsciously doing the same thing. Or its a part of your manifestation, its getting more of what you want. Both possibilities are great so keep doing it. I also have this kind of dreams when I am doing RS and I know for sure that the guy I am attracting has those too, because we started texting and when I do RS, he texts me almost instantly and gets more flirty

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9/22/2016 3:13 pm  #3

Re: Did he RS back on me?

​I know the feeling. Before I got back with my boyfriend (who was my ex) I had obviously done a lot RS and visualizing and one night had a dream that we were back together and he told me he loves me and he was showing his affection in public and feelings. Like hugging me and kissing me with people watching

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