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8/07/2016 8:12 pm  #1

Video for visualization help

Hello guys!!
I want to share with you a visualization "technique" that I found out. I fpund myself watching a video and I became instantly happy and with Β more hope. The video is about a couple (Alexis and Ren, perhaps you know them), and I was imagening myself and my love, as if we were the ones on the video. So this functioned as a visualization. Β Sometimes it's difficult to keep the mental pictures going, so this is a great help.Β 

Β This is the video, and the part is until minute 4:43. I like to put the music on mute, because it's a bit negative haha, and open a new tab with a love song. I hope this helps as it has helped me for the visualizations,Β 
lots of love!!


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