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3/15/2016 5:04 pm  #11

Re: Why visualization doesn't always work

I have a tough time I was wondering if making a interest board and adding to it daily or weekly is a good substitutes?

Also I've fallen off the wagon a bit due to our last meeting, how can I use these images effectively when I discouraged?

We are a family finally, there's nothing more beautiful than that.

5/17/2016 11:53 am  #12

Re: Why visualization doesn't always work

I'm going to try the Electric manifestation, because I don't think I'm very good with visualization. That being said, after you record yourself, do you play it back? Right away? Or a few days later?



5/17/2016 1:29 pm  #13

Re: Why visualization doesn't always work

Ohhhh this method sounds soooo good! Im going to try it right now. Will take my manifestations to a whole new level. Thanks pixelpie!😚😚😚😚


7/04/2016 7:30 am  #14

Re: Why visualization doesn't always work

I am very grateful to the Universe for bringing wonderful and improved techniques my way. Thank you pixelpie.

Can I play each day's recording at night on a loop and sleep? Like a NAP-Night Audio Program.

PixelPie wrote:

I'm reposting this I'm sure it will help☺

Affirmation Success Newsletter
1. Creative visualization is MORE than picturing: the connection between
manifesting, brain structure and parallel universes.
2. Do-it-yourself Technique: Electric Manifesting
The Silva Method is a great tool for learning how to direct your mind to
reach your goals.

One section of the Silva Method course teaches you a way to “program” future
events to happen in a certain way by quieting your mind to a deeper level,
and then picturing the event you want to have happen. The technique is
called Mirror of the Mind.

I had a powerful experience that proved to me that this really works. I
wrote about this in a previous newsletter. (The story about my brother
beating up Robert DeNiro and my aunt winning the Florida lottery.)
Inspired by the success (from literally reading the Silva technique in a
book) I’ve attended the Silva Method training with 21 different instructors
from around the world so far.

It’s fun to take a course like that with different instructors (and multiple
times with the same instructor) because you meet a variety of Silva Method
grads who have great success stories to tell! Just talking with the other
grads during the breaks or at lunch can give you loads of ideas for using
your tools in new ways.

Also, the instructors have different ways of using the tools, and you get new
ideas and ways of applying the techniques from the variety of instructors!
Some instructors are no-nonsense business or scientific types. Some are
easygoing new agey types. All have their own ways of using and teaching the

One instructor, though, REALLY got my attention because of her consistent
ability to get results in the world THROUGH her Silva ‘programming.’
She would intend things to happen, coincidences to happen, and they did.

I traveled to see her, and spent a few months watching firsthand how she made
the tools of the Silva Method work for herself and for others.
It took me a while to figure out WHY she got such great and consistent
results, but then I noticed that she was doing ONE thing different…
I will tell you what that is in a moment, but first a little background.
Win Wenger is a Silva Grad who developed a technique called Image Streaming.
Image streaming is a way to “wake up” different regions of your brain so that
you generate genius-like solutions at will. If that sounds unbelievable,
wait till you try it! The results can be startling.
Using different regions of the brain at the same time is like going to see a
3-d movie and looking through both lenses of the 3-d glasses at the same

Using just one part of your brain would be like looking through only one lens
at the
3-d movie screen. If you look through only one eye (one lens) it looks kind
of fuzzy, doesn’t it?
If you look through the other eye (the other lens of the 3-d glasses), it’s
STILL kind of fuzzy, but when you use BOTH eyes at the same time, looking
through BOTH 3-d lenses, then WOW, the things just leap off the screen!
It’s more than the sum of the parts, in other words.

Similarly, if you think about manifesting your goals, when you use one
portion of your brain, for “creative visualization” (let’s say), you get SOME
When you use another ONE portion of your brain, for let’s say doing
“affirmations” or “self-talk,” you get SOME results.
When use still a different one portion of your brain, for let’s say mental
rehearsal (actually this is a series of points on the brain), you get just
SOME results.

Here’s the kick: When you use ALL the above portions of your brain AT THE
SAME TIME, you get AMAZING results that are WAY beyond using just one
technique by itself.

What does this have to do with manifesting?
Win Wenger developed Image Streaming as a way to USE all those brain regions
at the same time, as a tool for creativity, IQ-raising, and mental fitness.
(And it REALLY works for ALL those things.)
The technique of image streaming is so unbelievably simple you’ll be amazed.
(And if you already KNOW about image streaming, you might be amazed to hear
how it relates to manifesting.)

The technique of image streaming is to close your eyes, see whatever mental
images come to mind, and then describe those images aloud to either a live
listener or a tape recorder.
That’s it, the whole process. The key ingredient is either a live listener or
a tape recorder. (I won’t go into why right now.)
Do this for 10 minutes a day for 10 days (be sure to use either a live
listener or a tape recorder) and watch what happens.
When I did that it felt like my senses had been scrubbed on the inside. I
noticed more details, more mental sights and mental sounds, and more
intuitions too (an early experiment with image streaming was to mentally
“see” the following day’s newspaper headlines! My image stream was
“Clinton…tough” and the next day’s Miami Herald newspaper headline was
“Clinton’s Tough Budget.”)
Dr. Wenger was inspired to create image streaming at least partly by a
portion of The Silva Method course in which you access your intuition through
speaking aloud to a partner. In that portion of the Silva Course, you
describe WHAT you are mentally seeing WHILE you are mentally seeing it.
Maybe the term “mentally seeing” is too limited a term. You use language to
describe OUTLOUD to a listener the inner sights, inner sounds, inner
feelings, smells/tastes, and other imaginings that run through your mind.
When you do this, Dr. Wenger teaches (and I totally agree, based on my
experience of doing this technique and teaching it to others), you wake up
your whole brain and the details of your imaginings get more vivid. Not only
do scenes get more vivid very quickly, but you find that your mind generates
a STREAM of imagery much like dreaming. Soon you notice that your mind is
actually generating imagery all the time, and by accessing this imagery you
can access your other-than-conscious mind’s abilities to generate solutions
and new helpful ideas whenever you want.

(The invention of the sewing machine came in a dream, the discovery of
insulin as a treatment for diabetes came in a dream, among other dreamed
But what does THIS have to do with manifesting?
Okay, remember that Silva instructor I was telling you about, who got such
GREAT results from programming her intentions?
Guess what she did that I never noticed other Silva instructors and Silva
grads doing…
She DESCRIBED her visualizations OUTLOUD while she did them.
Yes, the Silva students do the exercise in class of RECEIVING intuitions via
an image streaming-type process. And yes, Dr. Wenger’s technique is a GREAT
way to bring forth solutions and ideas from deeper places in one’s mind.
But what this instructor did was use this SAME principle to manifest her
CHOSEN GOAL that she was intentionally picturing.
Because she would go to level with her office staff (one office manager and
one secretary plus, when I was there, one curious guest) the protocol she
ALWAYS followed was to describe her intention outloud while she was picturing
it. And, because there were listeners, she described to people who were

The presence of listeners (or, alternatively, a tape recorder) affects the
WAY that you organize your description, and thus the quality, details and
clarity of the image itself. This is why it’s important to have a listener or
tape recorder.
How I made the connection that this is what was making her “programming” so
I was reading something by a physicist named Fred Alan Wolf, that our futures
are literally out there waiting to be chosen among an unimaginable number of
parallel universes. This is a famous theory called the “many worlds” theory.
(By the way: a survey of physicists found that MOST physicists believe this
is an accurate model of how the universe really works!)
When you move into the future, you move into the one you have chosen by your
“…the parallel universes interpretation…explains the observer effect–the
effect that an observer has upon a physical system simply because he or she observed
it. Nothing magical happens when an observation occurs. The observer simply
becomes part of the universe(s) in which the observation takes place.”
Fred Alan Wolf, PhD
The Observer Effect suggests that you don’t really get what you want, but you
do FIND what you intend to observe, and you prove your intention by three
1. What you are picturing (at deep levels of mind AND conscious levels of
2. What you say (externally AND internally)
3. How you use your body
Things that are intended are more likely to happen.
BUT they must be intended with your whole being.
By describing your intention aloud to a listener or tape recorder WHILE you
are imagining your desired future, you are using MUCH more of your neurology
because you are including MUCH more of your brain at the same time.
By using this process of describing aloud (to a listener) the future you want
to have, you are lining up everything toward that future, using the ONE
apparatus you use to travel into your chosen future: Your body’s nervous
Oh, one more benefit of this process of describing with closed eyes. It
immediately puts your mind at alpha/theta brainwave levels. Reaching this
quieter brainwave level is the engine that drives the benefits of the Silva
Method course, in fact the WHOLE Silva Method Course is aimed at teaching you
how to reach this level of mind at will.
When you close your eyes and describe your internal senses to a listener or
tape recorder, your brain is automatically at that same intuitive, creative
level of mind!
BONUS BENEFIT: Ever find your mind wandering while doing a “creative
visualization”? Ever doze off while meditating or going to level (Silva
Method term for accessing alpha/theta brainwaves)? Notice that when you
describe your intention outloud to a listener or tape recorder, your
description rivets your attention ON the image. If you have ever read
Abraham-Hicks, specifically the law of Attraction, or the reminder that the
secret to manifesting is to put your attention on what you want and KEEP IT
THERE, then notice how THIS process locks your attention onto your goal in a
very easy way!
Do it yourself experiment:
1. Pick a goal that you REALLY want to have happen. (Make it a GOOD one. But
not one that can only happen in one possible way, like winning the lottery.
That MAY be do-able with this process, but get a few successes under your
belt first.)
2. Describe in vivid detail (to EITHER a live listener OR a tape recorder)
the goal as true. If you are after a new car, it would sound something like
this…”I am sitting behind the wheel of my new black Mercedes 500SL
convertible, driving down pacific coast highway, and I feel the breeze
through my hair, and I can feel the soft leather coating of the steering
wheel under my fingers and I am hearing the whir of the engine and I am
seeing the sun setting magnificently over the pacific ocean on my left. The
light of the sunset casts a light-orange glow and I am hearing the Doors on
the stereo as I…”
You get the idea. Make it SO vivid that I, just by listening to you, would
have the same vivid experience in mind.
3. Be sure to use a live listener OR a tape recorder.
I call this technique electric manifesting.
You could always try it once, just one session, for fun, and watch what
happens. (More than once, if you want to.)
Happy manifesting


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7/04/2016 10:47 am  #15

Re: Why visualization doesn't always work

Wow, it sounds wonderful!!!!  I could record it on my phone and just listen to it anytime? It's great, it means you can just listen and relax without doing much focussing yourself and your own voice will lead you into the deep relaxation state.  Love it, thank you!!!!  Defo going to try it with my 'new story/script' for me and the fella

Love is all

7/04/2016 10:49 am  #16

Re: Why visualization doesn't always work

I was under the impression that I need to play it audible enough without disturbing my sleep.
Thank you very much for the input pixelpie ...

PixelPie wrote:

@Queen Piscean you're welcome 😊 and yes you can play it back just like that or not it's up to you. If you do play it back remember to do it just like a regular nap (play it low and maybe with instrumental music or theta beats in the background)☺



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