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6/29/2016 3:25 pm  #1

Our Perfect Date

19th July,2016
  I had seen him yesterday without fear, nervousness, anxiety or even missing him. Perhaps, he noticed the happy and self-loving me,too. He hadn't been able to take his eyes off of me. It felt wonderful and I was feeling even happier than I originally was. I remember that time in the canteen just before our 3rd class when I was grouped together and he came along with his friends and sat in a direction facing me diagonally and after a while it was all of facing me!
    But, what happened today just left me grateful and absolutely breathless!
   After my last class, I was heading back home with a lot to do on my mind! The workaholic that i am at times was getting the better of me when i thought about my part time job and the topic i have to be thorough with for tomorrow! Plus, I am REALLY at an interesting part of my very first novel! I intend to get it published soon! I was also happy that i had caught him not just looking at me today but trying to approach me a few times before he retraced his steps back! I was a teeny bit disappointed but i knew, i shouldn't be. MY DESIRES WAS FINALLY BEING MANIFESTED SO WONDERFULLY! So, finally after class, when i had just walked out of the college and was petting the three cute canine buddies who stay there, his scooty stopped a few feet from me. I was watching him all the time from the corner of my eye with a fluttering and grateful heart. He walked up to me and said very simply,"hi!" I straightened and responded smiling but not giving myself away.We stood there smiling at each other for a while. I was taking the minute to appreciate this great guy and how well we gelled in together like hands with their best fitting gloves! We have always known this for a fact that no one understands us as well as we do each other and that is why we are one of the most important people to each other.
    After a little lesser or more than 60 seconds he asked me if i would like to go with him.
     I nodded and walked on with him to his scooty after petting my furry friends one last time for the evening. He seemed somewhat nervous. A fear began to cast its shadow my way but i knew, even if he didn't reciprocate my love( the chances of which were dwindling in the lowest of single digits now), I had nothing to regret, I would always love myself for who I am. I guess, my perpetual smile instead of the frown and doe- eye that he had seen on my face earlier were confusing him. Be it however it be.
   Dearest Diary, I don't think, we've had anything as beautiful as the 4 hours we spent together today!
     After having driven for 10 minutes in absolute silence, he began talking. Very smoothly he progressed soon onto my relationship status. On discovering that i am not seeing anyone, he seemed to be relieved. He drove us to the Park where we had gone the first day...  That was different, this was better. That seemed something newborn in comparison to what stood in front of us in its maturity, sincerity and devotion today.
      He apologised for making me feel like i was in competition at times. I apologised for being everything that i am not and had turned into( towards our end). Well. the upside is, we laughed when we recounted how immaturely we'd handled something so dear to our hearts. And just as the Sun was leaning to kiss the horizon, he leaned in to kiss me. Only this time, it was stronger than i had ever felt before yet so gentle as if he was determined to make sure that nothing hurt me. I kissed him back with all the passion of all the love that has grown so full for him now! AND THEN HE SAID IT! HE SAID IT! Who knew that Wolverine would say it?? EVER?? TO ANY LADY???
        " In the months that we've not spent together, I have led a happy, responsible life so to say, but it wasn't nearly as perfect or complete without you in it. I don't wanna spend the rest of my life wondering what it'll be like if i have you by my side. I wanna spend the rest of my life knowing what it's like to have you by my side."
   But, I didn't cry though i was so overwhelmed by all of this. I know myself. I don't shed tears. I am incapable of shedding tears merely because i was overwhelmed. He knows me,too. He loves me for just who i am. I could think of no answer fearing the restrained tears would burst forth and ruin the evening if i didn't take action. I wasn't even really sure if i anted to cry or beam! So, I touched my forehead to  his and then kissed him deeply perfectly conveying what i thought of his proposal.
    I am the happiest girl alive tonight! Most certainly the happiest!  As he dropped me off to my hostel, we were chatting like long lost friends and lovers do getting updated about each other, cracking lame jokes and laughing, being a little cuddly and all that makes us US!
     The first person I  HAD to tell this to were obviously my two best friends! They are so happy!  They can just not stop congratulating me and wishing me all the luck and conveying my happiness and telling me how it is all worth it!  And the next person i was obliged to text was the most positive life coach i am grateful to have encountered! I AM SO HAPPY AND GRATEFUL! Dreams do come true! The Universe is always giving us so much and with all the power of the Universe it becomes so much better! All of it!  I am feeling on top of the world!!! :D

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in love wth myself! :D

6/29/2016 3:47 pm  #2

Re: Our Perfect Date

What a beautiful story. Now hold this at the core of your heart, you already have him. You do!!!

A King only bows down to his Queen.

6/30/2016 8:47 am  #3

Re: Our Perfect Date

thank you so much!

in love wth myself! :D
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