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6/26/2016 12:46 am  #1

A month from today with my love :)

Β This morning and last night were absolutely amazing. L came over last night after we had been talking about reconnecting since she had messaged me while I was away on a trip and said she realized she had made a mistake and that she really did want to be with me. I told her I was away but I wanted to see her when I was back and so when I got back on Friday, I got back so late and Saturday was a nightmare and I had to work Sunday morning so we agreed to meet up at Milestones last night, where we had our first date. We had drinks and we talked bout how much we missed each other - she admitted that she freaked out when things got intense because she thinks this gonna be the real deal for her and she wasn’t ready for it but the time apart made her realize that she really is. She told me how beautiful I was and how much she missed having me in her life. We held hands across the table, her skin was so warm and soft in my hands, it's like we were never apart. She kept giving me that smile she always did that made me completely melt and I couldn't stop staring at her.Β 

We ended up going back to my place and just cuddling the night away (and kissing of course), her kisses are just amazing and bring me so much happiness. It felt so familiar, something we always did and like we never took a break from it. It just felt so right and I remembered why I fell for her in the first place when we first met. She fell asleep in my arms with her head nuzzled into my arms. Waking up this morning was surreal; she was still cuddled in my arms and it felt so surreal to have her back here. We walked hand in hand to brunch at my favourite brunch place before I drove her back home so she could get to work. Our waiter even commented what a cute couple we made which we both smiled about and she squeezed my hand when he said that, it was nice to have someone else notice and acknowledge the love we share for each other! Our drive to her house was just filled with catch up stories, laughter, and holding her hand as I drove and she played with the radio. We parted with the most amazing kiss that completely took my breathe away and I am so ecstatic that she’s back in my life!Β 

I texted my best friend as soon as I got home to let her know what had happened since I hadn't even checked my phone since I met up with her the night before! I told her all about the kind words L told me and how amazing it was to have everything fall into place. T was so excited for me and she said she knew that it was coming soon and was happy that this was happening for me.Β 


6/26/2016 2:02 am  #2

Re: A month from today with my love :)

Lovely. πŸ’Ÿ

A King only bows down to his Queen.

6/28/2016 12:10 pm  #3

Re: A month from today with my love :)


This will be a success story!!!

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