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3/17/2016 3:04 pm  #1

A Month From Today

Today isΒ  Monday April 18th, Darius has called me twice already this morning and I am too busy to catch his call.

By lunch time, I have a pretty long text message that is asking me to check my email and reply soon! So I log on and see, that he has sent me an incredibly thoughtful email about his last five years with me and how he couldn't spend another day without me and Sydney.

He notes all the errors he wishes to correct and apologizes for even letting go. In the email he asks if he could see me, face to face to just have dinner or a drink to make sure I am still real.

I spend a little time with the email because I am at work doing my very best not to cry, and call him on my lunch break. When he picks up the phone, heΒ  sounds defeated and stuck. I immediately say hey daddy, whats wrong, he replies, nothing...nothing at all. I pause a bit and say, I would love to see you, tell me when and where, I'll be there!

As of now we rarely speak. I have had small victories, but none truly iniated on his end, except yesterday he kissed me twice good bye on the lips. I would give anything to hear him initate once ounce of concern, love, admiration, hope, attraction, longing, passion, or even fear towards me.

He will, in time, patience is not my friend but learning to know it.

We are a family finally, there's nothing more beautiful than that.

6/22/2016 1:18 am  #2

Re: A Month From Today

Thursday July 21st
Today I hung out with K and we went to go eat at the cafe by his house and after we left and went to the furniture place to just hang around because we were bored and after we decided to go back to his place and it was kinda hot so we just relaxed in his backyard by the pool and after we got kinda hungry so we went to a vegan restaurant kinda far away from his house but he didn't mind and we listened to his playlist on the way there and while we ate we never had an awkward moment and after we ate we decided to go clothes shopping for him and I helped him pick out a shirt and then he took me home and we texted about hanging out the next day and that he will pick me up so I don't need to worry about it


3/15/2017 5:36 am  #3

Re: A Month From Today

On Saturday he came and picked me up for a trip to the beach, it was a lovely sunny day, we spent hours at the beach sunbathing and swimming, we laughed cuddled and kissed all day, I felt comfortable with my body since Iv been working out and eating healthy.I text my friend to tell what an amazing day we're having, she was rally happy for me. After the beach we went for dinner and came home and spent the night together. we are both so happy and make each other laugh constantly, he loves how I get him like nobody else. he told me hes been missing me the time we were apart and he wants to make things work.

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7/19/2017 1:44 pm  #4

Re: A Month From Today

I am so grateful for M in my life. She has told me that she wants to still come and visit me here in Florida. She called me and said that she is sorry for what happened and misses me a lot. She said that she wants to be in my life and can't wait to see me again. She is calling and texting me a lot now and we are having fun together again.


7/20/2017 7:11 am  #5

Re: A Month From Today

A little over a week ago, I was minding my own business in the kitchen, and all of a sudden I heard a familiar sound of the door bell. Curious, I looked through the peeping hole and it was him! my heart pounding so fast, I twisted the knob and there he was standing at my doorway like old times. His eyes are teary just like the last time I saw him standing there and he seemed so emotional. I invited him in. He immediately grabbed and hugged me so tight and I could feel his hear beat. We quietly sat on the sofa and then he said to me all those things I've imagined him telling me; how much he missed me and that he was living a lie all this time pretending to be over me but he's so in love with me and I'm the only woman he wants and always have been. He said that he was sorry and wanted to work things out one more time. I was shocked with happiness. Felt so grateful for discovering law of attraction and knowing how to manifest my love. So happy and grateful. We kissed and I felt like the world stopped and no time had passed since the last time we kissed goodbye. This week since that night everything was perfect, like the past never happened, sending happy texts, cooking for him again, cuddling and like it always should have been. I am feeling so positive now and feel like I can manifest anything I want and I'm unstoppable! so lucky for being patient and not giving up, shutting down all the nay sayers and skeptics, things are now better than ever! no more tension or fighting, just connecting and sending love! thank you Veronica, Agnes and the universe for guiding me on my path!


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