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6/13/2016 6:23 am  #1

Visualisations keep turning 'naughty'!!!

I am on Day 6 of the 25 day challenge and every time I am visualising being with R it turns to being in bed together! At the start of our previous relationship we were very physical as well as having an amazing connection in our every day life. I know that when we get back together and start our new relationship that the sexual spark will be there once more.

Does anyone else have this experience?

I am building a secure and loving relationship

6/13/2016 12:56 pm  #2

Re: Visualisations keep turning 'naughty'!!!

What you're doing is RS (remote seduction) if they turn sexual and I think they encourage that.Β  Although I'm beginning to think it could also arouse feelings for other women around so I'm avoiding unless I also add him saying my name and that I'm the one he wants to be intimate with, that way you get the focus over to you.

Love is all

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