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6/05/2016 12:55 am  #241

Re: Shared Visualization

It's very simple I gave u the girls name then u visualize me telling that I got a date with her by telling u by e-mail 
Let's try it for fun as a experiment the girl i choose is 
Victoria Duffield 

all u have to do is visualize me telling u i got a date with her on private message that it happened! manifest that!


6/05/2016 2:41 am  #242

Re: Shared Visualization

Count me in! 


6/05/2016 5:13 am  #243

Re: Shared Visualization

I want in. It's an awesome idea. I have thought about it but never tried before. This is great. tell me how to do it. I am always there to help others and myself too. 

We are together , Always and Forever 

6/06/2016 8:55 am  #244

Re: Shared Visualization

Hi veronica, i'd love to join this if this is still going on. what is the earliest date I could get in a slot?

my desire: to have a second chance at being in a happy/loving committed relationship as a couple with my fiancé love "N" again.


9/14/2016 4:18 pm  #245

Re: Shared Visualization

Hello! Add me to the list of people looking to work on this. Please post details here or send a private message, if you could. Thank you! Everything we all want is right around the corner!


10/30/2018 3:14 am  #246

Re: Shared Visualization

I am in too!

Everything is possible. Ask.Believe.RECEIVE.
my love and I are finally back together.

11/04/2018 4:41 am  #247

Re: Shared Visualization

Yes I’m in too.


11/06/2018 8:33 pm  #248

Re: Shared Visualization

The original post was over 3 years ago. I'd be very surprised if this was still going on after all this time. It does nobody any good to resurrect such an old post as this at the expense of newer, more relevant ones getting lost in the process.

The first man to raise a fist is the man who has run out of ideas.

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