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5/19/2016 4:20 am  #1

1st time using Lanie's technique, and the sensation is so real!

Hi everyone, I am new to here and I am still learning LOA to get my love/husband back.
This morning I tried Lanie's Pussy Whip's technique for the 1st time, and the feeling is so real. When I was doing the meditation, I could clearly see him with my 3rd eye, and my 3rd eye felt so numb and cramped as if I was thunderstruck. The sensation was VERY VERY VERY STRONG, and suddenly my mental vision became so bright as if I was in a room of bright light. Β In my visualization he talked to me as if he was physically there and every word he said was from the bottom of his heart. It was like a reunion of us after all the months! I was very emotionally, and then I sobbed in tears. When i opened my eyes. I couldnt stop feeling the connection of our subconscious states is nothing but a FACT! Β By far I have not heard from him yet, but I have absolute faith that Lanie's method works!!
Throughout the day, I got some new thoughts. I don't know if he RS me back or it's from my imagination that he thinks I am the only person who understands him not that mistress. And I feel he is not very happy right now. Did you guys experience anything similar?Β 
I am still learning to master LOA. I know I am getting rid of my negative thoughts. I will keep doing it knowing that I can get what I want because it's already 99.99% there until manifestation. I would love to have any opinions from you guys. Β 
Thank you everyone.


5/19/2016 4:23 pm  #2

Re: 1st time using Lanie's technique, and the sensation is so real!

PixelPie wrote:

This is great. You are doing good. Because more then what he said it's the feeling that it's real/happen/feel good sensation that you want to have. That's what makes it work.

I think it would help you in someway if you read over at:

and can't wait to read your success story too ☺

Thank you so much for the links, PixelPie! I am learning more to be on my way to success!Β 
I already quit following his social media updates, because I now know thoughts become things. I can't let outer appearances disturb me! I need to dwell in my own fairyland and make everything I desire real!!


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