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3/12/2016 2:52 pm  #1

pussy whip!

I finished reading it.. it was great..what an incredible confidence she has...ok so i am practicing lanies method from yesterday! Ok so after i am saying myself sleep sleep sleep..i am starting visualization, doing that after some time she told to feel the happiness, etc. But every time i am going to some trans state, some 'conscious sleeping mode' (cant describe it better),and i can feel that i start seeing some other stuff, which is not even related to my love.. but i can feel that automatically my mind slided to some other thought, i then awaken myself in that trans state and again come back to my visualization, and feel sleepy..i dont remember the ending of visualization, but i remember i end the visualization in that semi sleeping mode.. i mean i just cant describe it in words,whats happening.. i can control my thought s in semi sleeping mode too... anyone felt like this? Please do comment..


3/12/2016 2:53 pm  #2

Re: pussy whip!

I just don't know i could make myself clear or not...😁

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3/13/2016 12:40 am  #3

Re: pussy whip!

Please can anyone reply? I am really confused i am doing it right or not!! Please can anyone guide me through?!

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3/13/2016 1:26 am  #4

Re: pussy whip!

I love the Lanie method but I have trouble with it. Not because of the method but because like you, other images creep in sometimes or I have trouble relaxing completely. I worry that I'm too restless or when I do actually relax and visualize properly it all unfolds too quickly. I think we may be worrying too much though. I think I remember Lanie and others saying that as long as the feelings are there it's effective, even if you have a hard time visualizing the scenario perfectly. I say just keep practicing, that's what I'm doing. It will come easier with time.


3/13/2016 3:22 am  #5

Re: pussy whip!

Hope so Natasha...

Please cherished, vera and others who are advanced Loa practitioners..please guide us..i will be really grateful!

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