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2/12/2016 5:52 am  #1

scripting entry:the day of my reconcillation

well this is my scripting from the day of my comes from my visualzation..u ppl over here...visuslize this and we are getting close to our desire...soooner

this is the day...this is the day i waited for it and it kept all my visualizations..together...soo many days have passed till we havent seen each othrr face to face and still i dont feel that i see something visualizations..have always kept hrr close to me..never let me feel her absence...she came from my back and i turned to her..her crystal..and her lips..rose red...air blowing through hrr hair..making them to cover her face with its small blows..i see her and it made me more atrracted to those moments i wondered why she looks like a goddess to me..the simplicity of her face..yet soo attracting..she came closer to me and burried her face to my cavity just got filled which was empty from soo long body like a machine waiting for the exact part to be fitted into her..waiting for her to attach and generate the electricity..i grasped her tight...gave all my love to her..a LAN cable like speed and i was transmitting my love at 10000mbps speed...i felt the wetness of her pearls like tears on my chest...they were warm..and my chest absorbed it...i raised her face with both my hands nicely and told her that the crying days have gone..its a new day and a new future awaits more crying..her eye liner a bit smudged as i just wiped her eyes..her serenity and child like face..i wanted to kiss her till infinity but i controlled myself..i wiped her eyes..and she like a good child let me do it..i holded her cheeks and planted a big kiss on her forehead..where i usually kiss and then 2 kisses on her lips could feel the warmth and all i got was goosebumps as energy flew through me...i gave her even a tighter hug...and could feel the cool breeze but gave all my warmth to her.....i told her how cute she looks still when she cries to which she laughed a little but didnt leave my a baby holding me shirt...i told her i love her and she like always "ok" to which i gave a big "hmmmmm" and she giggled and said i love u too sharmajee(which she usually calls me).took her to her favourite snack point where we usually used to eat..and had all her favourite things....including her favourite lemonade with extra ice...and her favourite indian pao bhaji....making few plans for coming weekend..i drop her at the metro train station on my bike....and she holding me tight.from all her love to me...alll her love to me...old memories relived...

i m thankful to the universe..the god...and all the people who just helped me get to my love back...i m greatful to allmost everyone on this forum...veronica..cherished..leli...shy..sam..veggie..himanshupatil..and all of u ppl..who were with me always..and helped me keep my faith alive..

well post ur comments on how this scripting was..this is mmy daily visualization i have been doing...

gods great and we are gettting it done soon all positive and all goood.

mayank sharma...


2/12/2016 9:01 am  #2

Re: scripting entry:the day of my reconcillation

advices..suggestions are most welcome cherished what do u say?

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2/12/2016 9:01 am  #3

Re: scripting entry:the day of my reconcillation

Even i would love to hear about scripting from other members!!
its a great script....
may it come true soon!!!

she is mine..... she is in love with me.... and i love her unconditionally!!

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