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7/07/2021 10:24 pm  #21

Re: Need guidance

InLakEsch wrote:

Have you read all of nevilles books?

Not all, but around 5 or so. 

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7/07/2021 10:36 pm  #22

Re: Need guidance

I'm in no position to help really. I'm still learning and getting better at this every day. I only suggest you read the books again and again. Test the law on other things. Really work on your self concept, but do it for you.

In lak ech. Ancient Mayan for "you are my other me"

7/07/2021 10:40 pm  #23

Re: Need guidance

I will say this. If you read my posts from years ago I tried manifesting my sp back with the law of attraction rather than assumption. I had a post saying I moved on from her. I really did because that was my intention and my reality manifested me moved on.
Fast forward to my current situation. I created this new relationship and you want to know what happened? I took my same self concept into this relationship and guess what. I got the same outcome. The only difference between that situation and my current one is I'm doing to work to change who I am in relationships and what love means to me.

No one to change but self.

In lak ech. Ancient Mayan for "you are my other me"

7/08/2021 1:16 am  #24

Re: Need guidance

sadman wrote:

  Alright, it's time to let go of this whole SP thing. l love her, don't think I will forget her, she's my lovely wife and we spent the best honey moon ever in barbados, it feels like she's my wife but it feels like we are going thru a weird temporary separation right now. Not having my wife's support at this moment feels weird. 

 Letting go hurts, but holding on hurts more. I hope I can use what I learned to manifest some happiness in another way. 

If you had really learnt what you need to know in your attempt to have the relationship with your SP, WHICH IS THE SAME PRINCIPLE FOR EVERYTHING, you wouldn't even be thinking about giving up. You already said that you'd never consciously manifested a thing. The first thing I ever said to you was when did you decide you'd failed? How do you know that you didn't do enough to plant the seed of your desire in your subconscious mind and that it will manifest in its own time? Now you are constantly negating it, but it is you deciding that you've failed. There is nothing and nobody against you but you.

You seem to have set some sort of a time limit by which it had to happen or it never would and have probably been continuously aware that it hasn't happened yet which is only going to delay it. Where did you get the idea that there is a time limit?

I'm interested to know who you have been listening to and what they have been telling you to do that has given you ideas that make you think you've failed. If you had been reading and listening to Neville and following his advice only and not been distracted by some loa people who talk a lot of rubbish and can easily mess you up, I don't think you'd be so ready to give up.

One of Neville's big things was persistence. Check out his lecture Brazen Impudence. You have to be clear on exactly what you want, focus on it, live in the end of having it, assume that it is yours, be patient, have faith, and persist until it is yours in the 3D. The current 3D is dead, it's old news, and based on old thoughts and beliefs. Your thoughts/imaginal acts precede the change in the 3D because they are what is creating the 3D. You are the operant power. You are the creator of your reality. Nobody has free will in your reality but you. The other important thing is everyone is you pushed out. If you start seeing the SP or anyone else as behaving in the way you want them to, don't negate it by saying or thinking negative things about the person's past behaviour or complain about them or the old story you have about them, but stay focussed on the version of them you want to experience, eventually they have to conform to that. You said you have a hard time visualising. What about daydreaming about things being just the way you want them to be?

It would probably be a good idea to take a break from the SP whilst you're feeling so depressed. It would be a good idea to test this out on other things that aren't important to you so you can have some success and get more faith.

If you've got an old negative story about relationships or your own lack of self-worth or anything else that could be getting in your way, work on changing that. Don't throw your power away. You are not a helpless victim. You are more powerful than you know. Put yourself up on that pedestal too.

The first man to raise a fist is the man who has run out of ideas.

7/08/2021 4:55 am  #25

Re: Need guidance

  I already said why there's a time limit. I don't want to be alive anymore, and I don't think I can make it for much longer. I tried using Neville's teachings to pull myself out of it along with many other things but nothing worked. It's not a choice, if things don't change now I might end things very soon wether I want to or not.  

  I did watch some youtube coaches when I first started learning, all of that inner child, self love, shadow work, you must have blocks, letting go bs, like theres 10 people living inside you or something, but my own critical thinking didnt let me believe that for too long. Neville, Joseph Murphy, Florece scovell Shinn, they didn't talk about any of that crap, just impress the SM thru visualizations/affirmations, know you have it and it will be yours. No positive vibes or self love or inner child or block work needed. A good example is the famous celebrities that ended up commiting suicide too, they didn't have high vibes, they weren't happy, they still got everything they wanted though. You could think "I'm x/y/z and that's not ideal, but I can still have/ do have what I want". 

 It's like with SP's, People waste years trying for nothing. Meanwhile think of all their exes. Did they have to visualize for a year to celebrate a freaking text message after all that time? They probably said hi, hi, started kissing within 10 minutes and bang done they were dating.  So what's the point of any of this? I thought the reason people failed or struggled with it for so long was the same reason you are saying Cynthia, they all so obviously never tried to learn from the source, it was so obvious from the way they spoke, constanlty talking about 3d circunstances, asking dummy questions, celebrating little tiny things (someone wouldn't celebrate a text message from their husband/wives or them abandoning a 3p, receiving love from the person you are with is a natural thing after all). That's why I said the beggar thing, me, the almight god of my reality, am begging in my own kingdom. It is done, it is mine, because I already have declared it to be so. And yet..

 I mostly stuck with mental diet and affirmations, feeling it real thru that, just thinking as if were true, though I did visualize every now and then with my limited ability (I can picture blackout pics but have a hard time moving them, but I would "feel" myself acting in those circunstances). All the techniques felt wonderful and made me fell warm and fuzzy.  The feeding duck analogy from Neville is my favorite one and the thing that made things clearer the most for me, I'm not gonna repeat it here because I'm sure you already know it. It's a wonderful analogy. 
  Obviously I'm talking about a much bigger issue than just my sp here, but in my mind she was the future, my family, so a lot of other things were entangled with her. In the last few years I have been very aware of my own thoughts, and learning Neville I started to notice much more the negative thoughts, and how they related to what was going on outside, it just made sense to me(before I'd be aware of them, but didnt think they related to anything so why change harmless thoughts). One big thing is that I started to notice how when I was aware of my thoughts, I started to change them, and the dreams I was having also changed. I would dream of my sp being lovey dovey with me (before I only dreamed of her snubbing me), other people treating me so much better, me being happy in all sorts of new different situations. Something I really liked was from the five lessons book from Neville, he said if you already have what you want, then you feel no need to talk about it anymore, because there's no need to talk about what you are. All those changes happened to me, some before I readed Neville talking about it, so that was really cool. At least those inner changes that happen I can attest that they were all true.

 Yet, even if a lot of my thoughts changed regarding a bunch of things, the way I felt about it changed, but outside not a change happened. I'm here watching my thoughts, it's all great and fine, and before I know I'm having a 10 hour anxiety attack where I can't stop walking around, or I'm sitting there looking at somewhere to suspend myself wondering if I should just end it all today or not. It doesn't make sense. A lot of those times I'm not thinking anything in particular but feeling horrible anyway, and for all the extra nonsense those coaches get, I liked a tip that amy from illumiatingjoy gives; just feel what you are feeling, dont resist it, what you resist persist, and just know that even though you feel this way, you can still get what you want. All the proper tips from reliable people like Neville, JM and Cynthia were followed, a bunch of inner change happened, but all of that was a hope to combat all of this and find a way out, peace and getting the things that would make life a bit better. Suddenly it didn't matter if certain perceived preconditions weren't met, or how things looked outside, all things come from within. But why would the creator take years to get something simple? All of a sudden this seemed unreliable, either it didn't work or the self change wasn't happening. In this world of impernance, certain things need to change within a time frame or they are gone forever, not just from you but from this world. Like if there's a bad circunstance where i'm about to go jail for something I didn't do, go homeless, or suffer any great injustice, how could I trust this law again? And yet something resonated with me, so I can't just pretend it doesn't work and move on.

 I feel like a dummy writing this and it became a bit too long, but I spent like 50 min writing it so there.  I appreciate sticking with me, most people in manifesting communities would just lowkey blame me, say something vague like just live in the end bro stick to mental diet and move on. 

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7/08/2021 9:13 am  #26

Re: Need guidance

I've read everything you've written, and if I knew why you put a time limit on this I wouldn't be asking why. Why is there a time limit? What is the sense of urgency? Without knowing more, I would say it really looks like this time limit you've imposed on yourself has been the problem, especially as it got closer to the end of the time limit and nothing had happened yet.

Since you mentioned it, I think it is ridiculous for anyone to waste one second of their time trying to manifest a text message. That is an entirely different manifestation and has nothing to do with a relationship. It is living in the end of getting a text message. If you focus on the relationship, some form of contact has to happen, not the other way around.

You talked about changing your thoughts and not seeing results in the 3D. Did you expect the 3D to change instantly as soon as you started changing your thoughts? Like any habit, lasting change can take some time before it becomes the new habit.

Have those books and videos to do with getting an ex back or SP within a certain short period of time got anything to do with this time limit thing? That might possibly seem to succeed temporarily, if it happens at all, and I haven't seen much evidence of that, but it also usually fails in the long term because nothing has changed so the same mistakes are made, the same old reactionary behaviours recur, leading to another breakup.

I know from personal experience that Neville's teachings are true and they do work, but some manifestations take longer than others.

I married an SP, long before I ever heard of Neville, by imagining I was married to him and wearing an imaginary wedding ring. During most of the time leading up to that we had minimal contact and were in different countries thousands of miles apart, and it didn't happen overnight. I had left London and knew I wouldn't be returning to London where he was for some time, and I never felt a need to put a time limit on it. I just focussed on the end result. Neville married the person he wanted to by following his own teachings (his second wife), many people in his audiences did the same, and there are so many other people who have been succeeding at this. I was married to that SP for many years. Why should you or anybody else be any different? My current SP has been taking more time and I know why, and in the meantime I have learnt some important things I didn't know before that I may not have learnt otherwise. Instead of planning my suicide because it hasn't happened in the 3D yet, I have been creating it to be the most ideal relationship imaginable and just the way I want it to be.

The first book I ever read on this sort of subject, and it has nothing to do specifically with SPs, it's more general, was The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol. I was 15 years old. I had amazing, magical results just by following what the author said he did in ways that were meaningful to me. Why don't you read that? It doesn't go as far as Neville, but it's still a great book.

I really want to see you succeed and not feel like killing yourself. So far it seems to me like you've got the idea that your manifestation has to happen in a certain amount of time, you put that pressure on yourself, and because it hasn't happened yet it means that you've failed and it never will. Wrong. There may be an underlying reason that is a lot deeper than that to do with negative beliefs about relationships or about not being loved in the past. That was a big one for me. My parents treated me like they hated me and like I was worthless.The only way you can fail is to give up. If you have the desire it is because you are meant to experience it. I don't mean to sound like I think you must continue with this because it doesn't matter to me either way. It's what you want, not what I want or don't want for you. We are all using the law of assumption constantly, consciously or unconsciously, and right now you are assuming you've failed, and that's that, end of story. If you believe that, you're right.

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The first man to raise a fist is the man who has run out of ideas.

7/08/2021 12:34 pm  #27

Re: Need guidance

Here are a couple of quotes from Neville's lectures. By the way, he taught from his experience. He didn't theorise.

From Believe It In -The objective reality of this world is solely produced by the human imagination, in which all things exist. Tonight I hope to show you how to subjectively appropriate that which already exists in you, and turn it into an objective fact. Your life is nothing more than the out picturing of your imaginal activity, for your imagination fulfils itself in what your life becomes.

From Christ Bears Our Sins - You can put God to the test, and if He proves himself in the testing then you will know God is your own wonderful human imagination. If you want the joy of marriage, a love affair, or a romance, you can test God by assuming the one you desire is with you now. And to the degree you persist in that assumption, it will be yours to experience. Do not be concerned as to how or when it will happen; simply persist in the assumption that it has happened, and when it does you will know who God is.

The first man to raise a fist is the man who has run out of ideas.

7/09/2021 12:11 am  #28

Re: Need guidance

  I didn't know that quote from christ bears our sins, very cool. Never saw Neville talking about getting a sp, only the little story example in the law and the promise. He and his wife looked like they already liked each other but the obstacle was that he was still legally married so that seemed different. 

  My main problem now is the depression, it's incapacitating me more and more, and I feel like every cell in my body is begging for life to end. This depression doesn't come from the sp situation, even though it really, really aggravates it. She was a big source of support for me in the past. If I wasn't feeling like this right now I wouldn't be bothered by time... well not that much anyway. A key symptom of the depression is that seeing a way out of this has become almost impossible, even if I know all the right things to do. 

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7/09/2021 1:07 am  #29

Re: Need guidance

Did you even read my post before the Neville quotes? It took me at least an hour to type it out on this tablet with one finger.

I still don't know what the time limit was about. Are you going to say or not?

I know what it is like to be deeply depressed. When I was a teenager I lay about crying all day every day for a year. Do you know how I got out of it? I decided to, otherwise I could have gone on like that indefinitely. Did I go from deeply depressed to ecstatically happy? No, but I at least went to functional and started doing productive things again.

One thing that has worked very well for me in manifesting is to go into neutral, which means not being positive or negative about it, to suspend disbelief, and to look at what I'm doing as an experiment to see what results I will get. I sold an unwanted piano to the ideal buyer, all done and dusted, within a week. Prior to that, just advertising it, there had been no interest.

Another thing I do on a regular basis that has been very effective is to state that something I want to happen is going to happen and when, if that matters to me, and say it like I mean it and am in charge, and I have a very high degree of success with that.

The first man to raise a fist is the man who has run out of ideas.

7/09/2021 2:20 am  #30

Re: Need guidance

   Damn, I appreciate the effort and feel guilty at the same time 

   Yes I did read everything. Thank you. The time limit thing is just that I might not be alive for very long, that's what it feels like anyway. I've been doing all in my power to feel better and transcend all of this, with Neville's techniques and other things, meditation, therapy, spirituality, connections, all of that. There are still things I wanted so at the same time I decided to use law of assumption to get them anyway, assuming everything would be ok and bad feelings wouldn't be an issue anymore. I'm at a point where every day is a struggle just to remain alive and sane. I haven't been repeating this story on my own but I'm just saying it while I type this to give some clarity. Just remaining alive has been very, very difficult, let alone getting out of this and feeling at least neutral and functional. Things are getting to a point where as much as I try, staying or leaving no longer feel like a choice. There's no point in the things I want to happen 3 months from now if my state gets worst and I'm no longer around. It will be a package delivered to no one. 

 Some time ago I was thinking about that, that what you want is meant for you anyway, the desire is already a seed with the means of its completion. Made me wonder if a lot of this whole process isn't just about not getting in our own ways with negative thinking and compromises. That's what Neville said anyway in a book I don't remember. I was here thinking about what you also posted because before I knew any manifestation stuff I was also thinking about my SP future, us being together, being at the beach together kicking sand in each other's faces, receiving each other coming home with lots of love and all that. I was also doing that naturally without knowing it, but I also started to think a lot of negative things eventually and goofed it all up.

 Edit just to make it really sure this time, the time limit thing is about suicide due to depression and anxiety making me spiral down and feel worst, making outside circunstances get worst as well because I can't manage to do anything and going on a loop. 

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