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8/20/2020 9:45 am  #1

Huge crying - what to say !

I was texting him about managing good contacts, having fun in life. Post wedding.Β 
I am an Indian and I was also under pressure a little - about managing relatives, cz am working from home pre wedding, that means now.Β 

And --Β 
while texting i just burst into cry. Long back in 2016, i made my WILL. I was separated from him, i knew we love each other. And i had no contact with him. That was the phase my god kept me alive. I told god, I will live till my birds alive. and I wasn't even earning much that time. I wont marry anyone else than him. So 1 day, I will die. Happily. I will live my life the way I WANt. I will enjoy every moment in my life. I wont go to any person to get advice. all were saying, you will get better than him- I said, i dont want anyone better.Β 

And That made me fearless. I never thought about time, future. I turned inside. Meditated, Veronica's videos came in my Life. Today, I am not only changed in looks, behaviour, we are in contact ! I turned into the psychic I share my tarots with him now! And I am earning much better than 2016 today. While texting him, i just realized -- OMG ! Where was I !!! and i burst into cry !

ooooooooooooooooooooooo h !Β  And where I am today !!
I even didnt remember this pain This is the state my Neville calls this as... !
I wish all of you great success with your love, Please live in the End. See, where was I & where have I reached.
totally unknowingly Β 

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8/22/2020 9:41 am  #2

Re: Huge crying - what to say !

I am noting my magnificent progress ! Now what has started happening is the moment i think of him , he is reading our messages exact same time It takes time cz energy clearance within you - Its very easy actually but we dont let our mind do this.Β 
Why cant we jst sit , tell our mind we are in a movie .. close your eyes & remember your lovely conversation. That you had with him in past. You get the same feelings. Feeling is the secret. & it works !Β 


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