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3/21/2020 2:28 am  #1

I need some advice so I have idea to do it.

I am manifesting my ex back into my life again to commit a relationship with me. This ex of mine is having a hard time. She still loves me and still cry for me but the problem is she can't end up with me and she is scared to fight for me against her family and her environment. I told her that I love her so much and I can do everything for her I told that to her 3months ago when I still chase her to be back in my life. She said can't marry me and her family won't approve since her family is so strict. She still love me and I love her so much too but she keeps pushing me away, she never listen to her heart she forced herself to focus on her logic and ignored her love to me. She said she wants to move on from me even it's hard but I told her let's just fight and she doesn't have to leave me but she didn't choose me and decided to leave me. Saying she doesn't want her family to hate her bcs of having relationship with me because her parents is really strict. And please can anyone help me how to deal with it until her mind change and decided to comeback to me? I just want her in my life and I love her. I'm not desperate over this but I'm really confused and I want to have an idea on how to handle it until we end up to be together at the end.


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