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11/04/2019 10:34 am  #1

Manifested Job For Dad That He LOVED :)

I manifested Job for Dad post retirement. All our aspects , expectaitons met.Β 
It's No time restriction , Near Home , Without Computer , Work that he loves.Β 
This person was in my contact 2 yrs, I discusse with him for dad 3-4 times / 2 yrs may be.Β 
Suddenly >>>>>>>>>>>>>>. He called me , became emotional misisng his brother after death of 2 yrs + and want soemone to help in business.Β 

Week later, I asked him - Why don't you get my dad ? He smiled and said, send him.
Not just my dad going there, going and coming with smile.Β 


Though he was around, job was there, no one joined. all things came up when we aligned.Β 
I know , I did this. in 15 days.Β 
How did I did this?

I set my intentions.
On new moon. Followed " It Works book. " luckily, not intentionally.Β 
I was reading my wished daily 3 times, keeping mouth shut.Β 
I burnt paper on Full moon. 3 times , folded 2mwrds me.Β 
Visualization : whenever i felt to do so : He's smiling with Joy saying exactly what he wanted
He smiled exact at that position in home looking at me , HONESTLY he didn't said words that i visualized. But same smile. Same feelings

Never thought of it, cz i wasn;t much keen about , I was busy manifesting SP Β 
It worked ! Then I congratulated myself. I Know I did this.

So, it's combo of Neville - Asusmption & Believe & I forgot.Β  I don't know if I did living in the end but i was feeling secure and didn;t utter anything regarding he 's unemployed. Visualized, Mental Talk > Hear from that person that he's happily employed

******For SP , I really think it's just our resistance within. Though am writing this , I know am same case. In excitment may be , I am not letting it go. Will be updating GRAND GRAND thing about my SP soon. And I have started coaching for those who need . cz Universe says spread positivity


Thanks & Love  ​
Feel free to PM for anything else.
Skype (Love&Light444)

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