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4/13/2018 3:52 pm  #41


PrettyFlamingo wrote:

Well I'm pleased to know Chris Hemsworth also fancies me!



5/07/2018 9:21 am  #42


YesIWILL wrote:

jensherratt wrote:

Avaelle wrote:

I think this is a large part of why you can't shake some people out of your mind. (In a non obsessive way)

Agree. I believe strongly that when you can't stop thinking about them, its because they're thinking about you too.

When I attracted back my guy, although I was happy and focusing on other things, could not get him out my head. I had loads of dreams with him in too. Never happened before. I know if your ex appears in your dreams its because they're missing you. A lot of people dream about their ex after RS.

You think so? Even if they want nothing to do with you, still have you blocked after months, and probably seeing someone else? I'm not meaning that in an argumentative way. I'm just wondering. I mean, if I'm thinking of her as much, I can't possibly think she'd be thinking of me this much when she wants nothing to do with me and is with another guy.

Good question. Interested to know what people think.


8/29/2018 6:30 pm  #43


jensherratt wrote:

Whom you adore, adores you back.
"You teach each other your respective responsive vibrations.
In other words, you don't feel any way about anyone without them helping you to feel that way.
Its really co-creation.

We will even go further and bolder and louder and blunter.
If there is someone you don't like, they don't like you either.
We have never seen it any other way.
We have never one time, ever known someone to adore someone that the one they were adoring, didn't adore them back.
Now, some are saying ....... Oh wait, there was that man I once loved with all my heart and he didn't love me back.
And we say, you were offering him insecurity.
You were offering him worry.
It wasn't that pure vibration of love.
When you are tuned in, tapped in, turned on, when you are connected to your source, and holding someone as your object of attention and you are genuinely offering that feeling of love and appreciation, they can't offer you anything else."

-Abraham Hicks!

This confuses people because they don't understand the difference between desire and obsession.

I have said this before, countless times, and I will say it again.
Desire is a two way street. ALWAYS!

So, what's the difference?

When you have the desire, you feel good about it. You're confident in yourself. You trust that it will be delivered to you by the universe at the correct timing. You don't worry about where it is because you know it already exists. You don't worry about it because you the "how" is the job of the universe. Whenever you think about your desire, you're happy, positive, confident, and excited. Signs and synchronicitys appear all over the place.

When you don't fully believe that it is possible to have whatever it is you're asking for. You have doubt and you focus on the lack. You look for signs and get frustrated when they don't appear. You have low self esteem and lack of trust in the universe. You have no confidence. You think you can't have it. You're constantly wondering where it is and when will it happen. You're focusing too much on your current reality. You focus on obstacles. You start questioning whether or not you should give up.

Its really that simple.

Thank you for this! I love this post! It's what I've been needing to hear because I tell myself that sort of thing and then doubt comes up. I am swinging between desire and obsession but mainly obsession and realised not long ago that I need to get my own life and stop thinking about his lol!

The goal now is to be more consistent and stop swinging between doubt and trust. For example, told myself I was going to have a nice relaxing bath as an act of self love. Unintentionally start visualising nice things about my SP and other goals, then out of nowhere, random paranoid/worrisome images come to mind. So I just shook it off, took some deep breaths and reminded myself to focus on myself. Would be nice to not have that conflict...I'll get there eventually. But yes, thanks for the inspiration.

"We imagine the wish fulfilled and carry on mental conversations from that premise. Through controlled inner talking from premises of fulfilled desire, seeming miracles are performed". - Neville Goddard, Awakened Imagination, Chapter Five

12/09/2018 8:52 pm  #44


This is amazing! Love it!


3/20/2019 1:39 pm  #45


I think it depends how they chase. In my opinion, as a woman, I don't chase the man. If he acts like he is obsessed (I had a man once really obsessed over me-he would come over to my place even though I specifically asked him I did not want him to and he would follow me on all of my social media accounts and just did not seem to understand that I was not going to let him into my life further) but the man that shows genuine interest, that I prefer.  It's like, I don't really want to be with someone who doesn't want me either but desperation is not attractive. Well, that's just my personal opinion anyways. Cheer .


4/30/2019 6:05 am  #46


In my opinion the difference between desire and obsession can be found in self love.. if you love yourself you are happy in your present state of being. In this state your are able to feel desire for someone: you meet someone and you feel happy to be with them. But it's not making you crazy when they don't text you back for an hour and you can continue your life looking forward to see them again. You also feel that they return your feelings and you have trust in this relationship. If you think of yourself as 'not enough' (to be loved e.g.) you become easily obsessed with another person and you tend to put them on a pedestal, you only think about them 24/7 and you can't continue living a healthy life. The fact that you put someone on a pedestal shows that you belittle yourself. When you realize obsession you should work on yourself, shift your focus and see your own self worth.

I am german sry if there are any mistakes;)


2/24/2020 2:28 pm  #47


Its hard ignoring current reality sometimes. 


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