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4/06/2016 9:58 pm  #1

I can RS anyone but my ex... why?

Hi everyone,Β 
It's my very first postcbut I've been reading a lot of threads here these past weeks so I decided to join.

My ex broke up with me 4 weeks ago. No drama, no nothing. He said "we are soulmates" but the reason why he broke up was because he felt like the passion was not there anymore...Β 

So I got Lanie's book and watched Veronica's videos... and here's my problem : I tried Lanie's method on my ex and everytime I try to be in a meditative state and relax and start the visualization, I never seem to stay focused on him, his face, the whole method... My mind is wandering a lot, thinking about other stuff, etc.. so the RS session almost never goes through (I tried every day for the past 2 weeks...)
Thing is, I also tried her method on 2 other exes (I really don't want them back, it was just a test), and I was able to go through the whole process, feeling relaxed etc.. One of them (I haven't been in contact with him for at least 2 years) called me last week out of the blue, asking where I was now and if I was married etc.. The other one texted me after a year of no contact, because "he saw a movie that made him think of me". So yessss I can confirm that Lanie's method works!!! but why do I have trouble visualizing the only man I want back in my life, and it's only been a month since the breakup... Every night I try but I keep thinking about anything else but him... And I have no trouble focusing on men I don't even want in my life anymore...Β 

Any thoughts ?

Thank you in advance for your insights


4/07/2016 10:17 am  #2

Re: I can RS anyone but my ex... why?

PixelPie wrote:

Hey and welcone ☺. Great that you got her book isn't it great! Now on to your question. The method always works. If it's not working then you are resisting in some form or another. Since you have tested it on guys you don't want and worked fine cuz you don't want them. I used to have problems  getting relaxed enough so I tried the technique but add in describing out loud what I was seeing and hearing and that helped the mind not stray as much.  Or you could try it while looking at a picture of your guy that works too. Hope this helps ☺

Hi PixelPie
Thanks for your reply I appreciate
I'll try the "looking at a picture" thing I've never thought about it, as I always close my eyes and it doesn't work when it's him (though I can vividly visualize anyone else even if it's been years since I last saw them in real life!)
I wonder why I'm resisting and what I am resisting from...
Thank you !

P.s : indeed Lanie's book is awesome, I got "how to make him burn with dΓ©sire" which contains a part of pussy whip method but I'm thinking about getting Pussy Whip too!!

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