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1/25/2016 5:57 am  #1

I πŸ’œ Abraham

"Well the thing about looking for something big is,
if you don't feel like you have it,
then you feel like you're contradicting your own requests all of the time.
So if you could speak that in a more general way,
then the contradiction would be less.

So how could you speak "I'm looking for something big" in a more general way?
"I'm getting ready for bigger and bigger things to come."
Or, "I don't have to be ready for all of it all at once because
I don't want it all at once. I'm on the right path.
I can feel it unfolding.
My capacity for bigness keeps changing.
What used to look big doesn't look big anymore.
Now I'm reaching for greater and greater heights.
I'm understanding that there's no limit to the bigness of what I'm reaching for."

The bigness or the smallness of it is not the issue,
the alignment with it is.

It's as easy to create a castle as a button.
It's just a matter of aligning with the idea.
When I prepare my grid, when I'm ready for my own idea it has to flow to me.

The bigness or the smallness of the opinions of others about it, is irrelevant.
It is only my opinion about it.
And the fact that I'm calling it big means that I'm not up to speed with it.
Otherwise I would be calling it normal or logical or certain or inevitable.
So can you change that word? It is an inevitable thing that I'm looking for.
It is logical and inevitable. Feel the difference between that and it's big.

(...) But when it's logical, when the laws of the Universe tell me
that when I line up with it, it will come.
So it's a big idea. I made it big. I put it there piece by piece.
It's mine. I own it!

I put it in the Vortex. That's why I feel excited about it.
It is mine, it's a big idea.
It is mine. I own it. It is mine.
And it is inevitable, and it is eventual. And I'm OK with eventual.

It's OK if it takes 16, 6, 17, 27, or 3. It's OK. I can play it out. It is certain.
And I am going to have fun in the honing of the vibration
that allows it to come to me.
In fact, the longer it takes the more fun I'll have.
Truly, the longer it takes the more fun it'll be.
The more opportunity to clarify.

Because, if it comes tomorrow then I'll start looking for something else.
I'm glad that it is a big enough idea that it gets my attention,
and a big enough idea that I'm willing to focus on it long enough
that I can feel my proximity to it.

I like it. I like that I have given birth to it.
And I like that it is mine. And I like that it's coming.
And I like the journey on the way to it.
And when it manifests I'll be better for having wanted it.
The very existence of the idea of it has made me more,
and as I come into alignment more and more with it,
everyday my sensation of worthiness will come into place,
more and more.

Yeah you're right on track. It's wonderful.
If you let the journey be your goal,
rather than the destination- then you're having instant success.
Best thing we ever said to any of you.
If the journey is your goal then you're having instant success.
Then the manifestation is certain."

From the workshop in Stamford, Conn. on 10/13/12

If you imagine it in your mind..
Believe it in your heart..
Feel it in your soul..
You will hold it in your hand πŸ’žΒ 

1/25/2016 7:57 am  #2

Re: I πŸ’œ Abraham

Beautiful words that really resonate with me! Thanks so much for this


1/25/2016 8:44 am  #3

Re: I πŸ’œ Abraham

I love love love Abe/Esther rampages. They put me so easily into alignment, and I haven't been listening for a while. Thank you, thank you thank you ever so much for this reminder.

Most of the time when I'm writing here or doing even affirmations, I'm hearing Esther's voice. She makes it feel so at ease, which is the essence of what we all need.

I must admit that last week especially the weekend was a struggle for me. I thought I would have manifested a specific event but it didn't play out as yet. And I attribute that to how I was feeling physically. I was a bit I'll due to some stress and had ano occurrance of migraine and acid reflux. I was focusing so much on manifesting something and not for my entire physical well being. But in a way I am happy that occurred because the contrast allows me to appreciate the journey so much more. And Abe is so right, the journey is the goal. And in the journey there will be contrast, but that's how we pull through and lean towards ease. The contrast is our indicator that we are not on the path we set out to be. So I didn't even mention it or bring it up until your post because I didn't want to highlight or dwell on the contrast. I am grateful and move on.

I know when I get myself into a state of ease I attract everything. I am a powerful manifestor. I give myself so much credit for coming this far. I always get what I want. I will be listening to some Abe this week to ease my mind. Still doing the Neville revision techniques and the congratulatory conversations, not just to manifest but they do make me feel sooo soo good.

Again, thank you for taking the time to write this and remind us. Good start to the Monday.


1/25/2016 9:24 am  #4

Re: I πŸ’œ Abraham

Love Abraham  (love)  (love)


1/25/2016 12:36 pm  #5

Re: I πŸ’œ Abraham

love abhraham and neville!!!!

she is mine..... she is in love with me.... and i love her unconditionally!!

1/25/2016 3:35 pm  #6

Re: I πŸ’œ Abraham

This made my day! Thanks!


1/25/2016 9:39 pm  #7

Re: I πŸ’œ Abraham

How many beautiful women are here? Over 200?

Sam you changed your lipstick. And stop looking at me wierd.


1/25/2016 9:49 pm  #8

Re: I πŸ’œ Abraham

Sam wrote:

Adam wrote:

And stop looking at me wierd.


Your eyes... they're... they're... giving me wonderful feelings.


1/26/2016 9:37 pm  #9

Re: I πŸ’œ Abraham

Omg this was soooo beautiful and amazing! and very , very true! I love this so much!

"The past, the present, and the future are really one: They are today" Harriet Beecher Stowe"

1/26/2016 10:48 pm  #10

Re: I πŸ’œ Abraham

Sam wrote:

Adam wrote:

Sam wrote:


Your eyes... they're... they're... giving me wonderful feelings.

That's because I'm staring right into your soul!

And what do you see?

(Don't answer that!)


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