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4/26/2022 1:49 pm  #1

no contact in work place

Hi, I am new to this forum, I am glad that I am here.Β 

about my situation.Β 
I developed feelings for my supervisoring colleagues, and we work in the same office .Β 
it started 2 years ago, when I have to leave for working in another unit for 6 months, he started to changes his respond/ behaviour to me and its clearly he had feelings for me.Β 
He's a shy and quite conservative person. during that 6 months, he tried to hold my hand while at work, but as I was too shocked, and so I was unable to given an respond.Β 
After 6 months, I came back and I start doing PW/ BWD visualization, at first, it looked like we will developed into a lover relationship, at one point, he indirectly tested me , if I would want to be with him as well.Β 

but we were constantly in contact and I couldnt resist the idea of letting him know I care about him.Β 

another 6 months later ( so its last month ), i just learnt that he may need to change to another unit, so we would be no longer in the same office / workplace, so not seeing each other often or may not even got a chance.Β 
so I tell him how I feel via text, sensing theres some resistent from him.
then he texted " we are colleagues. take care"

a bit divastrated, i think i screw it up a bit.Β 
reflecting on it, its because I keep contacting and also, when I visualize, I take into account on the way he would act, rather than the way I desire him to act.Β 

so with that message , I do cut the cord,Β  I try to treat him as a colleagues for real, and let it go, let things evolve themselves in the future.Β 

start over again.Β 

right now , I am trying to raise my vibration, since I still feel insecure, when I visualise, I know that, I stilll need to raise my energy level, and I try to reflect on the kind of relationship I desire with my lover before engaging in further visualisation.Β 

the decision on whether he need to change office is not yet confirmed, but I still need to see him a lot in office.Β 

just wonder, if any of you have experience with that ? practicing "no contact" with a colleague that you cannot advoid seeing.Β 

if I adhere to the rule, try not to make unneccessary contact, only allow contact when work required, look positive and neutral as possible without revealing desire, would that workΒ  ?

need advice, cos he is my supervisor, I can't avoid taking to him for any work related decision i have made.Β 


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