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4/28/2021 10:37 pm  #1


Hey, does anybody have any problems as it relates to meditation? I just manifested something cool and I want to know if I can help. Here is a free meditation that allowed me to manifest some pretty cool stuff. Here is the link - I (remove the space between the 7 and the I).


6/04/2021 1:10 am  #2


What will it do for you?
It’s a term that, to a lot of people, makes them think of wishy-washy, hippy stuff and totally puts them off.
So, what if I told you I was able to manifest $1M in 30 days, starting from zero and in a JAIL CELL, using one unique technique?
I had been in jail 10x and was a total wasteman.
Nothing was going for me.
The only thing I had was my belief that I deserved more, and I deserved better.
Turns out, that’s all I needed with this insanely powerful manifestation technique...AND it’s all you need too.
I call it the Genie Script because it’s as close to getting 3 wishes as you can get.
I went from being a jailbird to building an 8-figure online empire, traveling the world, buying expensive things, and spoiling the people I love.
It helped me break free and escape from a life of crime and prison.
What will you do?
Start thinking, because, with my Genie Script, it is not far away!


6/04/2021 1:12 am  #3


I have 30-day program that’s designed to teach you my unique meditation technique that took me from zero to $1M, 8-figure online business owner HERO.
You get everything you need to meditate and manifest all of your wildest dreams.
And it is super easy to do, even if you’re new to meditation because the unique sound and frequencies involved are so powerful do most of the work for you!
Just sit back, tune in, and change your own life.

I Will let you know in my next post.


6/04/2021 1:13 am  #4


Incredible discount alert
With a VERY short lifespan
Right now, my Genie Script manifestation program has a HUGE 90% OFF:
Get Your Genie Script At A Ginormous Discount Here! -
I have discounted the price so much to help anyone who's on the manifestation fence.
The price you pay today for a program that’s usually worth $390.00 is less than a meal out.
Yet, what you get in return, is something you cannot put a price on.

  • Fixing your finances
  • ​Enjoying more freedom
  • ​Having more security
  • ​Buying nice things
  • ​Chasing your dreams
  • ​Traveling the world
  • Investing in your future
  • Starting a business

Right now all of that is just $??...away.


10/14/2021 12:13 am  #5




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