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7/03/2018 4:14 pm  #1

My journey about love

Hi there everybody.

I didn’t log here for a long time and a lot of transformational things happened in my life.
I feel like I should share my story with you + i will need some opinions too.

So, last year in june I broke up with my now ex boyfriend. When he dumped me I was so depressed and desperate to get him back. I begged him to give me a second chance and he said give me 14 days. When I got home I immediately wrote him a long pharagraph about why should we get back together. Shortly after we went out and he said we can only be friends but we can have sex. We of course had sex(gosh so stupid of me). We hung out a few times but there was no sign of him getting back. Long story short there was some fight between us and now we don’t even look at each others faces.
I was sad and during that time I’ve done everything in my power to get him back(meditations only for him, affirmations only for him, writing in my journal on why the universe should give me a second chanche with him...). I didn’t see it then but now I see that I did almost nothing for myself( which is crucial!!!!)
I was doing work for myself too but now I see that I did it only to get my ex back.
I remember it was in the december and I was at work. Suddenly I heard a song from u2: GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY. I immediately got goosebumps. I was like: you know what, I really should. F*** him and start care for yourself. He didn’t even love you or care for you. And he Is so not the one for you! ( always listen to that little voice inside). The right one will come don’t worry.
So my journey on self love began. I started walking into nature without him preoccupying my mind, I started drawing, reading things that really interest me, listening to my favourite music, hanging out with my friends, meditating only for myself, buying crystals, writing in my journal what kind of bf I deserve and want..)

And then in middle of january I made Tinder account. I promise that it was not because of the fact that I was lonely but I just wanted to know if there were any hotties out there to check them out and just appreciating them from long distance
But then there was one guy that litteraly mesmerized me for a few seconds. I had to like his profile and I was so sure that he wouldn’t like me back because he was so freaking hot. But I really didn’t care.
Guess what. Next day he messaged me. I was THRILLED.
From that day on we were talking non stop, sending each other a really long messages and sharing pictures of how our day went. After 2 weeks we went out. When I stepped into that car for one second I was like: wait a minute! Do I know you? ( To this day I know our metting was meant to be, he seemed so familiar, I swear he is my soul family)
I’ll cut some things out so long story short: Every day we went out and he would always make sure that I have a good time. We went to movies, nature, seeing buildings because he loves architecture... Communication was amazing, we shared thoughts and ideas I’ve never shared with anyone, many times he brought me flowers as a sign of commitment and love, took me out to dinners, met his whole family..
Then suddenly things started to change. I started to be upset for no reason at all and I was offended by him. He was extroverted, free and comfortable in his skin and I’m tottal opposite of that. And I was envious of that. That was three months in and I was starting to realize my self love work was far from being done. I really saw myself in him and he showed me the exact things that I needed to fix. But it was too late.
Few days ago we broke up in a friendship terms, which I swear it’s fine by me. I’m not sad nor angry nor upset. I’m happy. Happy for him and happy for myself because the universe once again proved me it always has my back.
I know it’s for his own good to not be in a relationship with me. He is such a beautiful creature and does not deserve all the stress that I put on him.
But I am thankful to him that he helped discover my true path.
I wasn’t even consciouss of all this things that needed to be fixed within me but now I know and that is only because of his devoted help to me.

And now guys I need your opinion.
I am really not hurted by our breakup but why do I feel like our story is not over. Is this only my wish or the universe saying me that is really not over?
I mean.. it’s strange. I feel no anger towards him, no sadness, nothing. Like I was never in love with him. Which I know I was. I must mention his love was not suffocating and I was never afraid that he would give up on me. The feeling he gave me was so beautiful, not a doubt for sure
I really should stop writing right now.

This story is for anyone out there who struggles to attract special someone back.

I recommend you that you IMMEDIATELY stop thinking about your ex and start thinking about yourself! Feel yourself, love yourself and do something that makes you feel loved.
Don’t be desperate. Cut contact! Move on! Don’t meditate for him, do it for yourself, don’t write in your journal how perfect he is. Write about how perfect you are. You are beautiful and you are worthy of man like you! See the good in yourself first.
Believe me, if it’s meant to be he will come back but if he is nowhere to be found, there is something much better waiting for you.
You will always manifest what you want, but maybe the guy that you want does not suit your life path.
Look at me. I manifested this magnificent guy I always wanted. Well yes he broke up with me but I’m not scared what’s coming next because I know the universe and me will always have my back


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