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3/17/2021 3:05 am  #1

My seemingly impossible good now comes to pass....

Whatever "selling" I had to go through, I always ended up failing... I felt like there's no more place to go.
Having thought about it made me feel worse but I always end up remembering the Principle of Persistence from the book of Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich. After several days. I couldn't sell and I don't get to go to the places where I want to go... Then suddenly an expected amount of money came to my bank account... It's due to the principles of the book, that I should fix my mind on the exact amount, then it came. Through persistence I demonstrated faith and persistence is just another word for faith because without faith I wouldn't have persisted but it came unexpectedly as my seemingly impossible good came to pass. I didn't know how, but I thank the universe for supplying me with my expectations and needs.
This is a reminder when you're going through bad condition of obstacles then it seems like we should give up.
WE SHOULDN'T because it is just a test of faith, for if you really wanted it you would have given all you've got.


3/30/2021 6:02 am  #2

Re: My seemingly impossible good now comes to pass....



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