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11/26/2020 3:11 am  #1

Manifested a job!

So, I did it! I can't believe,Β  I am actually writing this! I manifested the chillest, well-paying job I could have! And that too in a matter of a month or so? (I don't remember, I didn't keep count). What did I do? I listened to Dauchsy's Manifest Job sleep meditation, did the 555 technique and most importantly, lived in the end. Like I am really being paid thousands for simple tasks and have an amazing job title. I am on the side also focusing on my NGO.Β 
Next step, manifesting an engagement ring from my boyfriend. However, of late, I feel so low.... So, it'll take me some time to step right back. heheΒ 
Will come back with another success story soon!Β 


4/16/2023 5:34 pm  #2

Re: Manifested a job!


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