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9/08/2020 5:25 am  #1

Changing your perception of others or events

Hi everybody... hope you are all well and safe!

Has anyone managed to change their general perception of others or events with the Law of Attraction? This is one thing I still can't really wrap my head around since learning more about the "everybody is me pushed out" principle.

When I went out with friends recently, we started comparing each other to characters from the superhero films... and when it came to my turn, everybody almost immediately agreed on me being the "Tony Stark" character, i.e. while there is a lot of good in me, I'm also a more cynical, sarcastic, brooding and occasionally grumpy type of person.Β This is not the firstΒ time a description like this has come up and I've been noticing that I seem to have developed a more deep-rooted negative/pessimistic opinion about other people or events in general. I started to observing my thoughts more actively throughout the day and caught myself focussing on the things I dislike in others like rudeness or selfishness and rarely go into a situation with a highly optimistic mindset.

Are there any ways to change that? More and more I think that I got stuck in a circle here by expecting something negative, then manifesting exactly that and feeling justified about my initial thoughts by a bad outcome.

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5/11/2023 9:46 am  #2

Re: Changing your perception of others or events

You can pretty much change anything, including all experiences with others.
How do you want to be seen?
How do you see yourself?
These are great questions to ask and things to ponder.
Your self concept is everything.


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