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8/12/2020 4:11 am  #1

urgent situation

Hi veronica I am  messaging you from the middle east I checked all of ur videos and I was wondering if you can help me with a personal coaching programme since my story is kinda of different than attracting an ex. My story that I fell in love with someone since two years he keeps playing around with another ladies but deep inside him I know he loves me alot we always block each other but we always get back to talk but he never said that he loves me but everyone and even me knows that he loves me but the culture is different so we cant get married easily he is durzy I am a muslim and his culture wont accept me at all and that's what keeps him away from saying that he doesnt love me and whenever we get close to each other he start to run away and be so cold and so on.We tried everything to keep the distance but I still love him more than ever.Now that i know he dated someone who paid his house rent last few months but he doesn't love her and that this bi.. kept hurting me although i kept my self away .He moved to another city but before he leave we slept with each other and I lost my virginity while he doesn't know.And now if my culture know that  i am not a virgin they will kill me trust me in this we still live in this belifes so the only solution is a surgery I cant afford or getting him to marry me. Can any of ur programmes help me with this mess 

I FORGOT to mention that he kept pushing me away and kept playing around but no matter what i do to keep my self away i still cry at night its been two years and i cant sleep well or without crying i am starting to lose my mind so please guys i need your help 

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5/13/2023 10:22 am  #2

Re: urgent situation

I'm sorry you are struggling.  I always recommend this program as it focuses on self concept and manifesting your dream relationship 

All in all, remember that circumstances don't matter.

Anything is possible!


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