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8/11/2020 10:08 am  #1

Rapid Manifestation about SP

Hey !
I got surprised, bit nervous to see his actions exactly as i imagined y'day using Neville's .. I am a big Neville student as many of you know ! I learnt, I manifested many things rapidly but I always manifested other things quickly than about him. 

My Mental state before seeing him do exactly as i visualized.
Y'day i took my time, I wrapped myself in a blanket & enjoyed Abraham Hicks relationship videos. Relax way. Not pinging him, Happy, listening her language of being in vortex etc after long time. felt amazing.. 

My Mental state after seeing him do exactly as i visualized.
1. I texted him, in all these yrs I learnt 1 thing - Never to take you seriously! 
​2. MY REACTION TO HIM AFTER SEEING HIM DOING WHAT I WANTED ----- WAS TOTALLY OPPOSITE! I disconnected conversation in love --- unlike other times when I am always being INITIATIVE TAKER. 
​3. I realized he does something, purposefully cz he loves me getting ANGRY IN LOVE ;) LIKE LOVE TANTRUMS. That's how he finds a chance to come close to me. ( previously i used to take everything seriously and tense , real angry like OMG ! he's not gona call ! That was diff game where he used to be dominant and as he loves me he enjoyed that stage too being dominant----- Then It ended up in separation cz he thought its fun , but then it created more irritations. Don't  be over understanding. Few guys like Tantrum throwing girls too - Lol , Instantly show I AM is not ego but self love. Put yourself in 1st best position in your mind 1st.)

Thanks & Love  
Feel free to PM for anything else.
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6/01/2023 9:42 am  #2

Re: Rapid Manifestation about SP


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