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7/31/2020 12:17 pm  #1

Say Goodbye to advice givers

1st thing in this journey is - Say goodbye to advice givers. I was in diff energy 2 days, came in contact with Reiki practitioners Locally. I am also Reiki Master, but people in LOA, Self Love like me and you are real innocent and love. 
Even neville said, if anyone telling you They are better than you - shrink them in your imagination. I have used this successfully for other people in other context before. 
Anyone killing your I AM - stay away from them. Law of attraction , lots of free ebooks on internet , best videos of veronica , abraham Hicks, Neville and many more are on Internet. Once you start being in this energy, your subconscious mind will energetically attract correct teaching for you. 
In India, people with orange uniform are mis considered as spiritual.  Wrong spirituality-seeking god outside themselves is so much. 1 Person tried selling me his paid course. Building institutes & earning money for the knowledge of God, Love. Which is everywhere, no one's right to sell and eat money. 

that's the reason I love Neville, Listen his lectures. He is not doing false - spiritual coach approach. Telling as a gentleman with gratitude I am Neville - Student. He changed my life !

Follow veronica, be active on forum, work on yourself. Meditate. It works! Don't follow wrong channels. 
I am on my big success story way, on its way manifested many. With this Love energy I am connecting with people. We all are capable. We all are Love  

I wish you all strength , Love, Happy Manifesting.
Pls don't give a **** to such Bogus People. and when you will become an achiever, be the best coach. with best attitude, approach. Don't lower anyone into " seeker" category, if they are consulting you. that's why i started my coaching, I love Veronica's approach. I have seen videos about her past & where she is now   Her talks boosted me so much & very easily. without any Biiiig Bom of heavy spirituality. she is telling you as a friend, from bottom of the heart. I am blessed, I came across LOA 1st time via her channel. and today here. 

Lots of love to all & Veronica

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Thanks & Love  
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5/16/2023 8:31 am  #2

Re: Say Goodbye to advice givers

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