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6/18/2020 7:55 am  #1

Change mental img - my new exercise ;)

eating yummy snacks while writing this.I was listening to some mp3 on my lapi. I got this idea. Let me share with all. Anyone doing, update results here, i will do that too. 
Principle of Neville : Change the mental image , memory about that person. Neville says eg, see person employed happily in your mind to make unemployed person employed. 
My exercise :
*** You feel , sense , activate feelings what you love. AM adding this to SP manifestation. 
Exercise : I am going to visualize and repeat this as many times i love.. not out of needy.. " I am eating my favourite indian street food with my SP. " I looove that taste, i can feel tht instantly I love texture, curd and spices taste instantly. And I can see , feel, listen to my SP. So, you add your fav food, do it. Those who are foodie, can do this. Cz they can feel all this instantly. 

Lol--- I hv so many experiences while doing Veronica's book exercise- honeymoon menu- i instantly got that food, before i get my SP.. LOL ;)
Let' s see what happens. Good luck  

Thanks & Love  
Feel free to PM for anything else.
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4/27/2023 7:06 am  #2

Re: Change mental img - my new exercise ;)

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