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4/10/2020 2:24 pm  #1

Advice please!

So I have been successful in manifesting my ex back. Things are going great with us, he even just bought me a promise ring! He lives an hour and a half away though and neither one of us have the best jobs currently. I want to manifest him moving closer or asking me to move in with him. However our current financial situation wouldn't allow for it. I'm also super nervous to meet his family and friends which I know will be necessary eventually if I want things to keep progressing. We've been together on and off for 7 months and we still haven't met eachother's family except for him saying hi to my sister briefly. I guess I'm just wondering how I can forget about meeting his family for now and focus more on manifesting him moving closer to me. I feel like the anxiety of meeting them and also our financial situation has been preventing me from manifesting him moving in with me. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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