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3/23/2020 9:54 pm  #1

Scripting to get my ex back

Hello everyone, I’m new to this so please let me know if I’m doing this right but here goes nothing.

Dear universe,
Thank you for manifesting all my desires, I am completely greatful. I feel that my life is filled with so much joy, my family is safe, and I have everything I could possible need.
I had a good day with Raul today, a couple weeks ago he confessed that he made a mistake breaking up with me. He loves me so much, he wants to win back my love and promised to work hard to make the relationship better. I felt so happy. Well we spent the whole day together and I could finally feel the love that was once missing in the relationship, we both changed for the better and are focusing on starting a new, loving, committed relationship. During dinner, we had our favorite wings and watched Netflix together. It was so perfect being in each other’s arms again, I can tell that he is filled with so much joy as much as I am. Things are finally coming into place, the stress and heartache that I once felt is no longer there and I am finally at peace with where my heart is.


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