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3/16/2020 8:28 am  #1

What else can you spread?

Hi all.
At the time of something spreading around the world, just remember that other things can be spread too.  
Spread the smiles - At such a time of uncertainty and worry amongst many, why not spread the smile around. This is actually one of my favourite law of attraction games to play.

Spead the smile, until you see more people smiling at you first. It always works. Right at the moment, that person you see in the street could have a mind full of worry at the moment. So spread your smile to them. 

 Spread the Love - There are many ideas flowing where people are rallying together to do things to help possibly the more vulnerable people. These include offering to get shopping, get medications and just to be on the end of the phone for a chat. Find a way to join in where you are if you are able.  

Spread Compassion - When you are out shopping and you find supplies of stuff that is on a shortage. Don’t fill up the trolley, and leave others to go without. Either take what you need or get extras and give them away to those most in need of them. 

Spread the Ideas - If you are in an area that is not yet under lockdown, but people are still panic buying then use your local shops. The smaller ones, like the convenience stores. They will quite often have in what you are looking for. I found one yesterday, and their toilet rolls are just £1.30 for six so not bad, and there were plenty left. Plus they had antibacterial Dettol soap in stock too. If you find a store with a lot in then let others know too. People shouldn’t go there to panic buy, but you could just help someone out that is desperate.  

Spread your Business - On the same note as above, spread it around. Why go through the stresses of queueing to find empty shelves. Go to your smaller shops and businesses. They are going through a tough time too, and so help them to stay open and keep on their feet. There are so many smaller local businesses, and yes ok it could cost a little more, but at the end of the day, there are no queues, fuller shelves, friendly shopkeepers that appreciate your business and everyone is a winner!  

Spead the Joy - Yes you can still feel the joy. Honestly. Look at the Italians and the Spanish They are all getting out on their balconies for a sing-song. I love the community spirit!! I’m not sure that will happen over here in the UK. The housing is a different style for starters and not loads of balconies. However, yesterday in my car, I had a sing-song. I opened my window a little and sang along to my music. When in queues, I was singing even louder and looking at people and smiling. I saw a few others crank up their music after that and do the same.  

Spread the Contact - Not physically maybe but over the phone, email, Skype and other ways fo video calling. At a time like this, it’s important to keep in touch with friends and family. Just don’t’ get drawn into their negativity. Spread joy hope and love with them too. Or just not talk about the virus. Talk about seomthing else instead.  

Spread the Family Time - In today’s busy, techno lifestyles, family time often takes a bit of a back burner. However, if you find that you are stuck in with the family, then spend the time to make some quality memories, of true family time together. iDg out the old board games, or get the console family games going. Do some family cooking. Find imaginary ways to play with your children. Cosy the room up and watch films. Allow the children more flexibility than normal too as they will likely have extra energy to burn off.   

Spread the Humour - Yes, there are so many meme’s and jokes around regarding the C virus, and some people seem to think them inappropriate. Firstly, not everyone does, and laughter is so much better than any negative emotions. Secondly, why not have laughter? We have joked over every big thing that goes on in the world, and it’s started as a coping mechanism. Laughter is so much more beneficial so remember that. Next time you see a good one, share it with everyone so we can all have a laugh.

We cannot hide from it totally and we’ve seen just how quickly the virus has spread. See if you can spread these things just as much if not more. I think this is going to be a bit of a life-changer for any with many changing lifestyles, and many eyes opened.

However, we
can all pull together and have fun, and a laugh and believe me that is so much better and more helpful than any worry or fear.  

So, I wanted to spread these words with you today, and I will try and pop into our own group, and others to help lift spirits each day. I want to be able to do my bit, and if it helps just one person then it’s a job well done.  Chin up, smiles on, and get ready to spread whatever you fancy spreading. Just keep those germs to yourself! ;)

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5/19/2020 3:01 pm  #2

Re: What else can you spread?

I love it! :D

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8/24/2020 2:21 am  #3

Re: What else can you spread?

If you find a store with a lot in then let others know too. People shouldn’t go there to panic buy, but you could just help someone out that is desperate.  


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