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3/08/2020 1:45 am  #1

Need help with my SP

Hola, I need suggestions on my SP I know I will be with him, But it is the timing is throwing me for a loop.  On new years eve I was able to see him.  The next day I text him told me I was fun and good. That I was the whole package but he needed to work on himself.  I told him, I understand.  That I do still like and care about you.  That he can reach out to me anytime. He said Thank you. 

The back story is he is the bad boy and I am the good girl. He has told me mutli times that I am an amazing women.  That I deserved better than him. That I am too good for him.  I keep saying to him that he deserve me.  He keeps saying that he is an a**hole.  I tell him I think people just misunderstood him.  He keeps saying no that he is an a**hole and why don't I just date other people.  I said but I like you. 

It has been about two months since we have talked with each other. I decided to reach out this week. He said working. I was super excited.  

 He is a paramedic.  So anytime he is working I give him a fun random fact.  I gave him a random fact and he responded back. It had to do with vinegar on food.  He said he does not like vinegar,  I asked him if it was because of the smell. He as not responded back.   This was on Thursday.  

My question is I know I can reach out to him anytime and he will respond back.  But should I let him make the next move?  



6/06/2023 10:56 am  #2

Re: Need help with my SP

Yes, always let the results come to you 

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