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3/06/2020 3:02 am  #1

Needing of ur ideas

Hello Veronica this is  aarthy from India.
Im a doctor, i watched so many videos of yours.
Im manifesting my lover for marriage
Now im n a state of waiting for the miracles happen.
After 4mnths of no contact (September to december)
Again he spoke to me like i cant able to do my regular without talking u...
After 2mnths of friendly communication(jan, feb) again yesterday he just said like
No feelings no emotions between us
After d conversation it results in a mess
He blocked me.
Wat can i do now....
Pls suggest some ideas.


6/08/2023 10:28 am  #2

Re: Needing of ur ideas

I'm sorry that happened.Β  But, it sounds like you have been in a good place so maybe this sudden change will make sense in time.Β  It can turn around again, so instead of thinking you are doing something wrong, try to grow and learn.Β  Trust you deserve the best! And, to be loved and honored alwaysΒ 


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